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That was a bit of chapter one

I thought I would  share a little more of chapter 1. I got the idea of writing this book from real life. I had often wondered what does those who are martyred for their faith really think. I’ve never heard … Continue reading

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Another bit of Chapter 1

The heavy oak door close behind him shutting out the public clamoring and police radio cackling he looked around the dim sunlit foyer. The darkness does nothing for the heat. It’s hot as hell in here. He looks doesn’t remember … Continue reading

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Blue sky above a red river of blood and tears. Gazing at the streets, heat waves dancing before her eyes. Augusta Georgia seems hotter than the foyers of hell. No air condition, only a folded newspaper bent into … Continue reading

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The novel, “Unholy Pursuit: The Devil on Trail”

 I acquired the setting of the novel from years of travel and years of moving from end of the country to the other. Many of the locations I’ve actually lived there and knows them very well. Some, I was only … Continue reading

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