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The Most Beautiful People

Life cultivate beautiful people. They don’t simply turn up that way. They aren’t born, they are made.~A. White Continue reading

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5 Most Amazing Angels Caught On Tape

5 Most Amazing Angels Caught On Tape

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Baby walks in on adults talking about politic. LOL!

  I named it this but I think the baby walks in on his grandfather yelling about something. Whether baby walks in on adults talking about politic or not. Whatever it is, baby doesn’t wish to discuss it. LOL!   … Continue reading

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Excerpt: The Midnight Lover

   Twenty eight year old Mia Hart frustratingly rearranged her workstation twice so far today.  The attention needed to concentrate on rewriting a defected program was eluding her. It’s impossible to think when one just had mind-blowing sex with an … Continue reading

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Love Thy Neighbor

I have been pondering over a question asked of me last week. The question was why do I write so much about situational or hypothetical social issues? All of my stories aren’t about hypothetical social issues? Some are about fantasy … Continue reading

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Welcome Newbies

Our friends are growing. We have  lots of new people among us! Let’s give a hearty welcome to the newbies.   Welcome all Newbies! I hope you enjoy your time with us.

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”I have a dream

    In honor MLK Day I’m posting the entire speech for most of the time when we see it the entire speech, “I Have A Dream” is not written. This speech is as patriotic as Patrick Henry’s  “Give Me … Continue reading

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Traveling in The Spirit or Time Travel

The ability to move from one place to another or being in one or more places at once is called bi-locating. I didn’t write the article below. I am including a link where the article came from but this is … Continue reading

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Are there fairies in any of the books?

       I want to answer a question I was asked about the characters of the series? Someone asked are there any fairies? Yes, but not as main characters. They are a variety of spiritual beings the main character encounters. … Continue reading

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