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The Real St. Patrick

Now that every one has hopefully gotten over their hangover from consuming too much green beer Friday. I want to talk about the origin of the Holiday. The real St. Patrick was not Irish, Scot nor British, he was from … Continue reading

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The Story of Ona Judge

Ona Judge slipped out of the president’s house one night and didn’t come back. But unlike most runaway slaves, she was never caught. via The Slave Who Outwitted George Washington — Longreads

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Hope Everyone is warm and cozy during this major storm.

   Everyone here is stocking up for the long haul. We’re hit with  a Northeastern’r nearly every year.  Some years are smaller and milder than others. But this one coming our way is expected to be one of the major … Continue reading

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The Big Book, “The Immortal Lover” is available on Amazon.

I fulfilled the demand of the fans as promised. The Immortal Lover is now available in a large paperback. My publisher just informed me that the big paper back is available to the public. All of my  books were written … Continue reading

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There’s a Giveaway going on right now for “King Eochaidh, The Horse Warrior”

    The giveaway is less than a day old and as you can see it is a highly sought after book. So I suggest there’s no other way to win a copy than to enter. 🙂   King Eochaidh The … Continue reading

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King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior Info.

A scene from the book. Continue reading

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Political Opinions- to each their own.

  I try to answer questions asked privately just in case someone else has the same question in mind. I never reveal who asked the question to protect my fan’s identity.     Another fan asked if I have an opinion … Continue reading

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Country’s Readership   Before looking at the list I was hoping the US made at least the top ten. But we didn’t. We are way down at # 23 out of 30. It measured by how many hours a week are … Continue reading

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Mosaic Tile of an Warrior Saint.

It was difficult to find one for not much is known about them. But I felt if I kept looking someone was bold enough to have a portrait of one. I do not know who the person is nor the … Continue reading

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