Book Review of “Girl Child in the Unpromised Land.”

I was asked by the author, Rachel Hightower to write a review on this book. I find it’s well written and well researched. It’s a historic, statistical outline of women lives who later became African America women. But the most interesting thing about this book is goes further. It tells of their plights of captivity from their homeland, and sold into the Middle and Far East. Of the long reach of the slave trade  into the New World and beyond. I learned a lot I didn’t know about the slave trade.

I had no idea the trade was going as far East as China into Japan. The original routes were what is commonly known the Silk Road. I was impressed by her through research. It reminded me of something someone like Professor Louis Gates would write.

I was unaware there was once a trade out of Europe during the 7th-11th century. It usually was done for a debt unable to be paid. One should sell off one of their children. Usually a daughter. Never to be seen again.

She mention the fact that much of this history has been buried. That we must uncover this buried history to learn they why of many of the chaos we see taking place today. That incidents have a root cause. They don’t fall out of the clear blue sky.  You can not understand the world around you if you don’t know the past or refuse to look at it; regardless of how ugly, gory or filled with grimness it maybe.

It’s a very haunting,chilling account of the cruelty of slavery, and human trafficking. More lives has been lost in this lucrative business than we will ever know. She shows how what the world have been dealing with since the notorious terrorist attacks of recent years can all be trade back to the wars fought over this trade started nearly a thousand years ago. That bitter battles were fought in the Sinai Peninsula to prevent the trade and how many different nations participated.

She had a vital point. A society is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

I think “Girl Child in the Unpromised Land.” is an excellent read for anyone who truly willing to learn about the plight of these enslaved women and their lives even after freedom in America. Too often people pay lip service to a cause but never bothers to learn the truth about it.

Mrs. Hightower points out the blatant fact that African American women face a double set of discrimination to a degree that no one else in American faces. She faces racism and sexism.

I won’t go into deeper details but it is a very interesting book. But it is definitely a book that will make you think.


Girl Child in the Unpromised Land


Girl child with border and back complete eBook

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9 Responses to Book Review of “Girl Child in the Unpromised Land.”

  1. I read all types of books. No, this one is not a cheerful book. But it’s a true story that help explains much of the racism and discrimination we see today.

    On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 8:14 AM, The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Tra


  2. Henrietta Oericadge says:

    I know you aren’t the author of this book but I looked for this book and didn’t find it. Do you know when it will be published? I am very much interested in it for rarely is this story told from a female’s point of view. There are numerous out there telling it from the black man or boy point of view; what he endured and suffered but very few which aren’t written in a novel form retelling the story of black women and the affect of slavery and the slave trade had on their lives. Mainly, because no one wants to talk about the constant rapes took place during this time, so numerous that they produced an entire new race of people. We, even in Europe likes to pretend it never happened. But we can not begin to heal until we acknowledge these things happened.

    Bringing the subject to your own books I’m a black woman of Danish nationality and was very much surprised to see an American book written with the main love interest being a black woman and she wasn’t a resident of the American ghetto, doing or selling drug, a gang member, an unwed mother chasing the father of her child who does not love. Usually the genre of American books do not cast woman of African descent in a positive light. Your character is a good person thrust into horrible situations beyond her control and is doing the best she can to survive. You seems to be setting a new preference in the literary world and God knows it’s about time. Don’t expect those who are afraid to touch anything unless it’s per approved by the media masses who only look for or approve work that degrade women or place them in submissive or servitude position to find your work sterling but keep writing because your work is sterling and has a message other than senseless brutality toward women. From the number of posts I see that many others agree with me.

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    • Henrietta, thank for your visit. I too, found the subjects discussed in this book to be sort of swept under the rug. I agree, healing cannot begin until an issue is openly talked about. I must say it is not a sugar coated book. I learned many things from it thus. It seems as thus everyone is more concerned with how history portrays the criminals than the aftermath of the victim’s life. I used a black woman as the main character because I wanted to find a character that it would be believable that all these horrible things could happen to them and no one take notice.


  3. john stanly says:

    I agree this story is long over due in being told. if it bothers anyone then they don’t want the truth. They want fairy tales.

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    • I am sure Ms. Hightower thank you for your compliment. Yes, I agree. The book was very realistic and told how the past effects the future. Given the present climate nationwide it’s a piece of work needed to be written.

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  4. drjoe gillispe says:

    This seems to be a promising book.

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