Sexual Harassment been around for

This post is vastly different from my regular posts.

The problem hasn’t just begun. Sexual Harassment is nothing new  been around for millenniums. Many of the laws in society pertaining proper behavior of the genders were created to curb it. It’s simply now, women are able speak out without retribution or at least total annihilation. In the past, the victim was blame for what happened to her. Not the attacker or harasser.

In the past when women first begin to enter the workforce in large numbers was when the subject came to the surface as a topic to be discussed not when it begun. But in the past, if she felt uncomfortable with what her boss was doing or saying, then she was told to leave the job. Never mind, food, rent and utilities didn’t magically pay for themselves. If she stood up for herself then she was retaliated against and often blackballed in her industry.

In the past there’s an even darker side to this that one not dares spoke of even today. The victim was most likely killed. No, I’m not kidding. This happened far more often than history records. Even today it is not completely safe for a victim to speak out. Some who dared to speak out was eliminated if she revealed or threaten to expose his deeds that could cost him everything. Although, in most cases it costed him nothing, but it cost her dearly. Often everything from family, reputation to her life. So, the women of the past had a good reason to remain silent.

But I can’t help but wonder if these men were not famous or powerful and often both and lots of money to be gained from their exposure would anyone truly pay this issue any serious attention even at this late date in time? No, I’m not defending any one who has been accused but I can’t help but wonder? I have been around long enough to see that when money speaks people act. I’m not saying the women shouldn’t report what happened to them. By all means, they could speak out! Women has been complaining for years and no one have listened. So, I’m just wondering if money and power wasn’t involved would they be mere, simply be speaking to the open wind and told to shut up or ridiculed for speaking out?

I come to another conclusion, where does all this leaves the average woman without a powerful lawyer to handle her case? For the offender isn’t wealthy enough to garner a big payoff? She doesn’t know a senator or a member of the legislature body or a movie star. Her attacker isn’t a big-time film maker, or a fortune 500 company’s CEO. Most do not have jobs or a padded nest that allow them to speak out without loss of income they need to support themselves and or their families. So where does this movement takes the average woman?

What we see today is rooted in millenniums of women viewing as less than humans. As sexual objects and as one woman posted here a week or so ago: seeing them as the property of men. Not a person in her own right. With a right to live and exist free of statutory or religious laws that are oppressive to her gender.

Even as a child and beyond when I read the Bible and other religious works I would find myself wondering about all those begats? Who did so-and-so beget so-and-so with? Why was her name deliberately omitted? The father didn’t produce the child alone. It wouldn’t taken that much more ink to have listed her name too. I wondered why everything about the women had something to do with her virtues or virginal attributions? If an 8 or 9-year-old could see something wasn’t right about that then surely adults could see it. I started to notice all of the moral instructive literature was the same. So as a child I wondered why is that? Yes, I had an inquiring mind as a child.

Another think I found very interesting why was a witch always identified as female when the Bible refer to both genders who practice the dark art as being witches?

Sexism if the root cause of sexual harassment. Creating centuries of  discounting of female achievements which still carryover to the present day. Sadly, but it still exist. It’s very disheartening in the literary world. Women authors are still expected to write one subject only (mainly about love, marriage, children, sugar and spice and everything nice.) whereas male writers are allowed to write whatever they please. Whether he’s familiar with the subject or not and are much more zestfully supported by even women. I have had to re-read lots of sentences and wonders did the female readers see what he just wrote? Apparently not, from the reviews. I guess this is the same as voting for a guy who call women senseless cows .

Another thing, why for a romance novel to be considered a great love story the woman must always be in a compromising position? Or the guy acting like a total jerk toward her? Once I overheard my teen daughter and friends talking and they asked each other why the guys in a romance novels always has to be some handsome but moody weirdo freak? LOL! I wanted to ask them what was a moody weirdo freak but then they would’ve known I was listening. People don’t realize it but we all have contributed to the downplay of women. Any type of ‘ism‘ rather it be sexism, racism or whatever promotes a feeling of superior to another human being unlike yourself .

All of this didn’t happen overnight. It took millenniums of cultural, social and often forced conditioning for a society to arrive at this point.

But oftentimes those in a position in life have to speak out for those who are voiceless.

I know in the fictional series Nikola’s behavior is extreme in thinking he can force Ana to go his way and the length he goes to do her harm. But then again, is it?


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4 Responses to Sexual Harassment been around for

  1. I deliberately left the post title incomplete to make people think of just how long the problem has been around.


  2. Mac Clarke says:

    Don’t misunderstand me, I’m glad someone is finally speaking up and paying attention but I can guarantee you it’s the money talking not the women. If these men were not worth millions and people didn’t see a way to make millions off them everyone would still be pretending nothing’s been going on as usual. It’s not that people all of at suddenly grew compassion.

    Long ago it was written off as an ‘accidental” death.

    On Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 12:01 AM, The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Tra

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  3. Janis C says:

    I can’t figure out why everyone is acting so surprised about certain people. C’mon, when television, movies, books are filled with sexist crap. Where have they been living? Under a rock? Like for example, Stan Lee?? There’s a big outcry on Twitter. But c’mon! No one can be that blind. Haven’t anyone ever paid close attention to how all the female characters are drawn. The blue lady is butt naked. All covering her is paint!

    But for so long, like you said there a deep stigma for openly saying these things as to why so many women keep quiet. And it still is depending on many different factors.


    On Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 12:01 AM, The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Tra

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