Mean Spirit, Ugly Nature: Ugly Soul and a Mean Spirit.

I posted this back in August 2017 but thinks it’s a good time to repost it.

       When people talk about an ugly soul and a mean spirit…too often they confuse the two. There’s a big difference between the two but most of us lump them both together.

     But when you seriously analyze them you will see there’s a big difference between an ugly soul and a mean spirit. An ugly soul does far more harm than a mean spirit.

A mean spirit derives pure joy from your suffering, failures, sobs and wails.  Whereas an ugly soul consolidates power with other ugly souls against all that is good and work to increase the damage. As much energy as an ugly soul put in doing evil and causing damage…the same amount of energy can be applied in doing good.

A mean spirit can ruins your meal and laughter with a friend but an ugly soul shaves the fat off your meal and leaves you to starve.

A mean spirit laughs heartily as it punches you down to the ground in life. An ugly soul seeks to eradicate your very existence. Wipe you entirely off the face of the earth.

Mean spirited people you can ignore. An ugly soul must always be confronted. There’s no way around it. Ugly souls will not be ignored. There’s no talking to them or reasoning with them. Ugly souls view avoidance as cowardice and increase their ugly actives.


   It’s so commonly assumed that physical appearances determines one’s interior nature when in truth, it has nothing to do with rather or not one has an ugly soul or a mean spirit. From actually living life I’ve found that most people who truly are physically, or emotionally, and spiritual attractive rarely have a mean spirit or an ugly soul. I find it exist far more often in those who thinks they look better than they actually do. From my encounters with humanity it is those who falls in the “average appearance category” are more likely to be the proud ugly soul card carrying individuals. 

No, I’m not calling anyone an ugly soul. I’m speaking from life’s observation. I mentioned this because in movies and literature the villain is usually expected to be very ugly or very beautiful.

When dealing with ugly souls, please remember they are those completely depraved of reasoning and mercy. Like I said an ugly soul does a lot more harm than a mean spirit. Not that mean spirits aren’t bad because they are. But a mean spirit is often infantile and petty whereas an ugly soul is premeditated, cold, calculative, and deadly.

A mean spirit get joy from your sobs of pain, suffering and wails. And so does, an ugly soul but ugly souls merges together to form power factors against all that is good and righteous. They join create forces to cause as much pain and suffering as possible, in an unholy attempt to erase all that is good.

Ugly souls accuse their victims of atrocities when their victims stand up for themselves whereas a mean spirit will sometimes walk away. Your valiant stance have taken the fun out of their act.

An ugly soul doesn’t separate facts from fictions. They will tell and repeat harmful lies with great malice; with intent to cause great harm and continue to tell them no matter how many times their words have been proven to be false.

The truth can silence a mean spirited person but to an ugly soul it bears no relevancy. It makes them louder and more determined to silent the truth.

A mean spirit will ruin your day, your meal, and your joy with family and friends. While an ugly soul does this and much more. They’ll take away your family and friends while trimming the portly off your meals and leaving you to starve and feels absolutely nothing in the progress. They often feels justified in doing so.

A mean spirit laughs heartily as it punches down you; as it beat you down. An ugly soul seeks to exterminate your very existence. In the eyes of an ugly soul…you don’t have a right to exist.

With mean spirited people… you can sometimes ignore them but an ugly soul must be always faced because they’re out for blood, not to merely insult you. Ugly souls doesn’t insult you and go away. They keep coming.

Therefore, I don’t agree with a lot of the lightheaded, popular advice given about dealing narcissistic, mean spirited people because in given time all mean spirited people eventually evolves into ugly souls. It’s just a matter of time. All ugly souls started out in life a mean-spirited person who evolved into an ugly soul.

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    Good advice

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  3. Fayana says:

    Too often people mistaken an ugly soul for a person is assertive. A person who get the job done! No, they just an ugly person no matter how much money and fame and beauty they have.

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