The dark reasons so many rich people are miserable human beings.

I had often wondered this same thing. The author starts the article out saying:

It’s no picnic having a massive bank balance.


Well, I can tell her from experience it’s no picnic having a ‘0’ bank balance either. Despite the popular belief listed on this page. Which in my opinion, seems to be saying poor people have less problems and work less than rich people. Then it’s very obvious, this lady has never been broke a day in her life if she think the items cited are a problem.

Many poor people work 2-3 low paying jobs just to make ends meet. This means their regular job which is usually consist of forty hours a week plus a secondary job which may be 4-6 hours. Add all these hours up that can easily come to 48-80 hours a weeks and they are still below the poverty level.  To add to their burden many have small children whom they must pay daycare for. Daycare services do not come cheap. And heaven forbid if their health fails under the weigh of all this. They and their family are just screwed.

The poor are hit the hardest whenever the economy down. When the economy bottomed out in 2007, a huge number of individuals lost their occupations, reserve funds, homes and found themselves scarcely able to meet the basic living expenses. This left these individuals without a safety net. One small sudden mishap or incident, for example an unexpected illness or a car breakdown could wreck havoc on readers’ already delicate money system.



There has been a recovery since 2007 but it hasn’t been an overall panacea for everyone. Many may not be aware of this but a large percentage who lost everything in 2007 are still homeless. Especially those who were above the 35-45 age group in 2007.

But I’m curious…if the rich are so miserable then why are they such misers. Most charities like the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and etc. are started, supported and kept alive by poor people. You just hear more fanfare about the rich if they do open their wallets because we are rich-obsessed society.  No one wants to know about the heroic casework who went in at 3:00 A.M. to prevent a baby and his family from being in the cold or excessive heat all because his family is poor.

Yes, in some states and large cities caseworkers work around the clock like doctors. Depending upon which agency you work for. If an emergency arrive you have to get up out your bed and go see about the people in need.


Whining about being rich

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3 Responses to The dark reasons so many rich people are miserable human beings.

  1. Lisa Warner says:

    I never understood what they are so depressed about? If it so depressing why not give some away?

    On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 10:45 AM, The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Tra

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  2. says:

    I found this post interesting because I wrote an article on this same subject a few years ago. What I found is the higher up a person moves the more isolated they becomes. Isolation creates loneliness and depression. Humans are naturally social orientated and money can not protect you from the lack of human contact. The higher up the ladder the less people there are to associate with. All nations have a caste system. It may not be legally enforced in America as it once was but it still exist. One isn’t expected to marry out of their caste. That only happens in romance novels. In the real world men and women marry someone of their same social economic status. Well the top 1%, 2% or 3% only have a limited number of people like themselves to associate with. Most dislike each other for whatever reasons. In short, it’s a system ingrained in the fabric of the society.

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