Gun Violence Leaves Many Lives Shattered.

I know the subject has been talked about over and over and perhaps many are tired of talking about it and want actions. I know I do. But if you have never had it to hit home then you have no idea how devastating it can be. Children are often left with a parent(s). Spouses are left without a mate. Parents are left without their child(ren). Siblings are left without a brother or sister and so on.

Recently someone I know very well suffered a death in their family due to the wrong person having access to a gun.

Below is the link to the site which collects the names of many or at least all they can find whose life was cut short by senseless violence. Please take the time out and light a candle for as many of these families as you can. It cost nothing but your time.

I am aware gun violence is widely viewed as a crime affecting only poor and deprived neighborhoods but really it doesn’t matter what neighborhood one lives in. It can happen anywhere.

I was just reading a story where an eight year old boy in Ohio shot his little sister. Thanks God, the four year old lived. But from the sheer number we have lost so far this years is far too many people to lose when the year is only three months old.  From the vast number of faces on this site it seems we only hear about the mass shooting but for every mass shooting there are hundred more that escape national attention.

Every historian will tell you that constant violence destroys a nation from within. In many cases, it has been observed from analyzing history, wars have broken out among clans and tribes and spread to the rest of the nation. I pray that never happens but if it has happened in other parts of the world there’s nothing to prevent it from happening here.



Gun Violence Memorial Site

valentine hearts rose red



Victims of Gun Violence Site

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35 Responses to Gun Violence Leaves Many Lives Shattered.

  1. Sadah says:

    Well written.


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  3. This is another reason the authorities, neighbors, friends and family need to start paying closer attention to people who reports they are being gaslight or gang-stalked. Rarely are gun violence committed by a stranger. Often the predator has stalked their victim before killing them. I know the most heard about crimes are those of passion, the spur of a moment kill but they are actually much rarer than those planned for often for months or even years. The killer has no intention of getting caught so they have planned well their steps.


  4. Joey says:

    It is so sad that we now view violence as a normal part of life. Gun Violence has been making the news every day for three months. I don’t have a solution to the problem but I do believe less guns in the hands of hot-tempered people would save lots of lives.

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    • Hi Joey and thank you for your visit and comment. I, like you do not have a solution but I do believe like you, there are too many guns readily available to the unstable and plain evil. In peacetime in a nation why do anyone need a weapon of war?


  5. Pearle Schnake says:

    These are very unpleasant times. Violence has gone on a rampage and no one seems to really care. But thank you for sharing this with us. I will keep your friend in my prayers. God will give them the strength to stand in their darkest hour.

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  6. Kevin Meir says:

    My heart aches every time I hear of a new shooting.

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  7. Gilbert says:

    More people need to turn to God and not guns when angry. What happened to resolving fights with your fists? I pray for this nation.

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  8. Frank says:

    There seems to be no end to the violence. I wish people would realize this is reality and not a game.

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  9. Markfal says:

    I lost someone to gun violence this year. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Ludrgewes says:

    This is happening far too often. I lit a candle at the site. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Clef says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I hope the candles ease the heartache of those who lose someone. I hope it let them know someone feels their pain.

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  12. Earnest says:

    I thought the days of the Old West was over in America?


    • Earnest, it’s supposedly long over but nothing was ever done to ever curb violence in America. A society built on violence begets violence. It’s up to us, this generation to rise up and do better than our nation’s past if we are expecting a peaceful future. Violence is no respecter of persons.


  13. heatherjo86 says:

    Revelation 21:3,4 gives me hope that one day soon God’s Kingdom will rid this world of suffering, violence, and pain and we’ll be able to see our loved ones again. (John 5:28,29).

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  14. Jed says:

    I know what these families are feeling. I recently lost someone to gun violence.


  15. Jorge says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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  16. Jody says:

    Thanks for sharing.

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