How kids actual talk, not how we adults perceive they talk.

A kid’s conversation


I’m not writing this for anyone to allow profanity within their household. I’m writing it as an eyeopener as to what kids talks about when parents and guardians aren’t around. Profanity is usually a cover up for what’s  really bothering them. So please dig deeper. The suicide rate of young people is too high not to try and peep into their world and see what’s going on.

As one who used to work with lots of children I can testify to the fact their every day vocabulary, is far more colorful and crass than their parents or guardians know.

Often times it’s said to blend in with their peers. Like the boys in the video said to appear tough. But their concerns are real. They’re just trying to learn their way in a world that’s new and often confusing to them.

I am disputing the age limit when Google has listed for the average first sexual encounter. I don’t know who they has been talking to but the age is actually about 14-15 and some places as early 12 and 13. Of course, kids are going to lie if directly asked. Who wouldn’t?

I know “South Park” is an adult swim show but any teacher will tell you they have heard kids say the same thing those little ornery eight year olds say on “South Park.” You can’t drag them to the bathroom and wash their mouths out with soap. All you can do as a teacher is tell their parents. And 99.9% of the time the parent always says, “My child didn’t say that!”

Oh! Yes they did!

All I’m saying is we no longer live in the 1990’s or even early 2000’s. This century is almost twenty years old. Yes, a baby born 2000 will be legally an adult this year. Times are changing and becoming more and more complicated for pre-teens, teenagers and young adults to maneuver through the murky existence called life and we, the adults can’t help them if we don’t live in reality ourselves.

Something is seriously wrong in a society if a person’s whose life has not begin yet feels the need to end it. Why are we having so many school shooting? Schools were once a safe place.

I’m not condemning parenting. I know it’s tough. It’s the toughest job you will ever have. The Marines’ basic training have nothing on parenthood and some days make you wonder if those who landed at Iwo Jima has anything on parenthood too. Maybe that’s a little drastic but you get the picture. But the terrible two’s and the teen years can leave any parent feeling like the Allies in the Pacific in 1945 and when a task is completed you are like the Marines raising a U.S. flag atop Mount Suribachi.

But like a Marine we can’t give up the fight for them. So if parents must turn into devil dogs to learn what’s  going on with them and to save them. So be it.

Marines landing at Iwo Jima in 1945


A kid’s conversation

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16 Responses to How kids actual talk, not how we adults perceive they talk.

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  2. This is why I used actual children dialogue in the stories about Bea Wyett. I didn’t want her to sound like a muppet talking instead of a real child.


  3. Douglas Sasson says:

    Your article and the link was a real eye opener! I truly appreciate your sharing it.

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  4. Thanks everyone for visiting.


  5. Amanda Stevens says:

    Most suburban households wish to believe these are strictly problems of the inner city. That’s there’s some kind of invisible force shield protecting them from the havoc of the world. I should know, I was born and raised middle class and the parents had no idea what was going with their kids most of the time. Children’ suicides are far more common in these neighbors than the public knows.

    LOL! That picture above of Iwo Jima is how my mother used to come after us when she told us a million times to stop doing something; behave yourself, clean your room. You never knew which day she was coming.

    On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 3:09 PM, The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Tra

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  6. You raise very good points here.

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  7. Nadia says:

    You’re right, parents need to truly listen more often. Listen to what our children are truly saying and not what we want them to say.


  8. It is not easy to bring up children. Thanks for sharing.

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