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The Room With A View

  The story raise to the surface the heroism of humans. The basic needs of all humans. We all seeks love and acceptance. It’s the story of a lonely elderly widower who befriends a frighten little girl named Yonsita after … Continue reading

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“Meeting Sam”

Some months ago this one was introduced to the public. It’s on the final editing stage.  I hope to have it out by May.  For those of you who requested to read it the wait finally over.  LOL! No, this … Continue reading

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Why does the bad guys always win and everyone must die?

Before I started to write the series over twenty years ago I dedicated myself to reading lot of books. I mean lots of modern books. I mean so many I was covering as many as four to five books a … Continue reading

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How to write an epic character.

I didn’t come up with this list. It was sent to me. But I’m adding my points to it. I agree an epic character doesn’t need to be a Hobbit or any other type of fantasy creature.  This is a … Continue reading

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UnHoly Pursuit Saga Books

All of the books of the Saga published so far. This saga has just begun. All Book of the UnHoly Pursuit Saga published as of 2018

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Don’t follow the crowd! Don’t be a sheep.

via WILD WOLF I didn’t write this post but it has solid information. It’s an article about “ Don’t follow the crowd! Don’t be a sheep. Be a lone wolf.” Sometimes it’s so tempting to do just that but I … Continue reading

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Where the Legend of Friday 13th Came from?

via The execution date of the Knights Templar is where the legend of bad luck on Friday 13th comes from.

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How long should you send out inquiries before resolving to self publish?

How long should you send out enquiries or inquiries before resolving to self publish? I read an article in a magazine while awaiting to attend business. I hadn’t thought about the question but the writer made some vital points. I … Continue reading

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Master Photographer- Purple Hyacinth taken by Paul Militaru

This photographer’s pictures are superb.  The way he angles the light is captivating. You don’t have to take my word for it. Visit the site yourself. via purple hyacinth — Paul Militaru

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