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Doppelgänger-We all have one.

I’m aware that most people think of a Doppelgänger in a sci-fi, alternative universe sort of way. An evil twin who does evil things and you get blamed for them. That’s a latter day definition. After researching the word I … Continue reading

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Dark Matter. Exactly what is it?

This is a reblog post by a young woman named Astrogirl. It’s a very interesting article. It talks about the whys of the universe.   via WHY ARE WE 95% STUPID

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What’s Discouraging Millennials From Starting a Family?

I found this article after hearing the report that the birth rate has been consecutively falling for the past nine years. I believe a number of factors plays a role. One, the fact that is women aren’t so much beholding … Continue reading

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Map of The Kingdom of Norshires-World Building in Fantasy Novels.

Whether your fantasy world is earthy, sci-fi or otherworldly world building is very important in any Fantasy Novel. It gives the reader a clear idea of your character’s, environment and the world they lives in and how they interact with … Continue reading

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I didn’t mention the last school shooting for a reason…

I didn’t mention the last school shootings for a reason. The reason being is that I suspect some of these shooters does it for attention. The big thrill of being the subject of attention for a few days even if … Continue reading

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LAURIE By Stephen King-Free Story.

The story is one of Stephen King’s free ones. Hope you Stephen King fans enjoy it. Laurie by Stephen King

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It’s Not What You Say, But It’s How You Say It via It’s Not What You Say, But It’s How You Say It .. — Success Inspirers’ World   I reblogged this quote because my parent used to say the exact same thing. It’s not what you say but how … Continue reading

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White Sun,Void of Color.

I intended to write this post approximately a week ago when the event occurred. Early in the morning, approximately 6:30, I was on my way to a book signing. I didn’t exactly know the area that well so I left … Continue reading

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Life is fulled with Complications

via Daily Prompt: Complication We face decisions every day. Each day brings a new decision to be made. Some are good and others not so good.  The bad ones, we learn from them and move forward.  But nonetheless, life would … Continue reading

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