The Taino genocide

This is account isn’t mentioned very often taught in history except on a college level.  Regular history would have you to believe Columbus came to the New World not knowing where he was. Planted the flag for Spain. (What right did he have to do that?) Kneel down in the pristine white sand and prayed, rose happy that he found people and then left those people in peace. Then sailed back to Spain and wrote wonderful stories about what he saw and how kind the people were.  But then made the trip again a few years later because he fell in love with the wonderful people of modern day San Salvador. That’s the version taught in school and it’s all most people know.

But the version taught in college in downright scary.

Things like this is the problem I have with history revisionists. They twist and turn the event or subject to say these things never happened or if they admit they happened they trivialized it saying, “It wasn’t ‘that’ bad.” by adding statistic and b.s. showing that only ‘X’ number of people died not the thousands as those affected said. How would they know? Were they there?  The favorite one is they merely got sick and died. If so? Why wasn’t they merely getting sick and dying before the conquistadors arrived messing with them?

When researching to write historical fiction you come across many accounts like this one and it is difficult not to write what actual happen. I can’t dress it up and make it sound sugary. That’s just not in my nature.


via The Taino genocide

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