The work of Marcus Garvey aided the entire world.

In a story in the autobiography of Marcus Garvey. There’s a wonderful lesson that can be applied to the modern world. As you know he wasn’t American. He was Jamaican. His father worked as a grave digger and monument marker. When you read the account try to remember this was a much earlier time period. Before the days of child labor laws and an era when parents had to display tough love to prepare their children for the real world fast because in many parts of the world people was still living no longer than thirty-nine to forty years old. Life back in the early late 1800’s and 1900’s was very hard unless you were wealthy and very few wealthy people existed in comparison to today.

Anyway, one day his father took him to work with him and told him to climb down the ladder into the grave to do something. Marcus didn’t say what his father sends him down the ladder to do. But once at the bottom, his father pulled up the ladder. He asked his father what was he doing? He father said he needed to figure out how to get out of the grave all by himself because he can’t count on no one in this world but himself.

After a few hours of crying, it started to rain, young Marcus clawed his way out by using the roots of the trees under the ground. got out looked around and found his dad sitting by the tree in the rain waiting for him to get out. Later accounts of this story aren’t told this way. It’s told milder. Of course, Marcus mother didn’t feel the same way about the lesson taught. But it stuck with him for the rest of his life and he became one of the greatest leaders of the twentieth century to do good will. Unlike other so-called great leaders of the twentieth century such as Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin and the leaders of the China party. He wasn’t killing millions of people to make his plans work.

Some of his tactics were questionable at best from the standpoint of that day and time but my being someone of his future I can see more clearly where he was going with his actions. It wasn’t crazy. It was brilliant.

His work and way of reasoning influenced so many of the social programs existing today. Everyone from FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) to Martin Luther King jr to Malcom X. So, no one living in America today can say the work of Marcus Garvey’s ingenuity doesn’t concern them. It was simply to aid African Americans. It’s was Garvey’s plans of social working and economical betterment was what FDR followed to get the country out of the Great Depression and they worked. In 2009, Barrack Obama did the same and again it worked. I guess had certain people known where the formats both of these presidents used came from there would’ve been a big ole’ protest.

Yes, the famed New Deal was based upon the plans and finance formats laid out by Marcus Garvey. Seriously, look at Garvey’s plans and the New Deal side by side. It doesn’t take a Rhode scholar to figure it out.

This is why people couldn’t be denied opportunities to do their best. To show the world what they have to offer. All the talent of the world doesn’t exist in one race, one gender, one social class, or ethnic group. You never know what contribution a person can make if given a chance. Just because it isn’t how you would do it or write it doesn’t make it wrong or it won’t work. There’s no set formula for success It’s the innovation of a genius.

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