Saturday Protests Turn Violent

When we watch protests most of us do not know those protesting and can sometimes view the incident with a somewhat remote interest and hope no one gets hurt.  I am sure everyone have heard about the incident in Portland Oregon this past weekend? They have been going on for the past three months. A close friend of mine’s daughter live in the city and that makes a difference in the level of emotional involvement. Her mother and I has been watching the incidents unfold there and hoping she stay out of harms way. These situations can turn violent and volatile moods can change very quickly. Which they did Saturday.

A police crackdown on protesters in downtown Portland on August 4, sent one woman to the hospital after being hit in the arm and chest with a “flash-bang” grenade police launched into the crowd.

The event involved two groups of protester whose demonstration left several others bloodied and bruised, but the violence was not as severe as at a previous rally that evolved into a riot on June 30.

Portland is a city that has a long history of civil unrest dating all the way to the 1800’s whereas many cities has improved over the years that doesn’t seems to be the case there.

violent man breaking glass


The gun laws there are terrible. Just this past Feb or March a man shot a homeless with mental incapabilities saying it was self-defense.

Tattoo Artist shoot homeless man

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7 Responses to Saturday Protests Turn Violent

  1. lynn k scott says:

    Most of this could resolved by protesters obeying the law, not blocking traffic or thinking they don’t need to listen to lawful orders. It’s sad a woman was injured, however, if they needed to use a flash bang to break up a crowd, that says the protest wasn’t as peaceful as it should have been. We are not fighting a revolutionary war. People can disagree in public and not force their disagreement on others (blocking streets, cars, destroying businesses). Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, seems that’s all people know how to do: protest. The second they block a freeway or streets (without a permit), their reasoning for whatever their cause is because a moot point.

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    • I agree, had both side remained on their side and not met the clash could have avoided. I watched it Saturday and watched it back in June when they had the big fight and looked to me that everyone were in the streets. Both sides were marching down the middle of the streets. What the people are asking is why the police only fired at one side when both sides were clashing. It is a Constitutional right to peacefully assemble and protest. From what I was looking at Saturday it had a potential to turn into another Charlottesville Va. No, we haven’t gotten to Revolutionary War but if things continue to escalate the riots of the 60’s may be a strong possibility. What the organizing side is going to have to realize is this country is too diversity to run around spurting derogatory remarks and expect not to incite a fight. Maybe Dr. King’s people’s may could led protests in the face of derogatory slurs being slung at them but most people today can’t and won’t do it. What those organizing these constant disruptions which are costing the city time, manpower and thousands in taxpayers’ money need to do is clearly state their grievances to their senators and congressmen or women. Say something constructive other than they hate everyone unlike themselves.


      • lynn k scott says:

        However, peaceful protests never involved obstructing other citizens or law enforcement and emergency vehicles. Our delegates need term limits and they need to obey the same rules they pass. Protesters need to learn to communicate and realize there is another viewpoint. Over these protests and their organizers.

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        • Each of these protests cost the taxpayers money that should go other places. The protesting of a murder or killing isn’t the same as ones protesting when no one knows what they are protesting about other than to spread hate. Maybe if people got some sense out of what they are protesting then there could be a resolution worked out. These has been unlike when a citizen in that community was murdered and the people protest to acquire justice. It’s clear why they are protesting but with the ones for the past two summers no one seems to know what they are protesting? I watched to see if could I get any purpose out of their protesting and it made no sense. They haven’t stated their grievance.
          I agree, especially about the limited terms. Some have been in office since the days the dinosaurs walked the earth and hasn’t done a thing. If they are upset with their elected official then do as Wisconsin did. Call him or her back home.


  2. Flo says:

    Sadly, all these so called groups march for is to promote hate. They don’t have any other agendas.

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