“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”~Co Co Chanel

My favorite fashion quote is by Co Co Chanel~

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

That’s so true. That’s why I tell writers or aspiring writers to always be different. Create your own style, flow, and rhythm. If you write the exact things in same way, using the exact same sentence structure as thousands of others you aren’t irreplaceable.

Whether anyone agree with her lifestyle or not. No one can deny the impact she made on women’ lives in the 20th century. How many can say they were raised in an orphanage from age 12 and grew up to date kings, princes, dukes and lords? Not many. 

I know many things she allegedly did doesn’t fit in today’s way of thinking but the woman single-handedly got women out the long-trip-you-down-dresses.

All who loves to sunbath have her to thank for making it acceptable.

She didn’t care what others said about her smoking or anything else she did. 

Co Co Chanel

About unholypursuit

A. White, an award winning former librarian, who is also a long time member of Romantic Time and Publisher's Weekly. A. White has been writing for over fifteen years. She took classes in creative writing in college, specializing in ancient myths and legends. and later at a local community center while living in Chicago. In college she won the national contest to verbally list every country in the world, it's capital and ingenious language. Her works are mainly horror, fantasy, extreme, and sci-fi as well as, as some may says, "the truly strange predicament and puzzling." Books that I've written are "Clash with the Immortals, and eleven others which are part of the "Unholy Pursuit saga,". She has been working on the Chronicles since 2007. She wished to complete them all before introducing them to public so the readers wouldn't have to for the continuation to be written. The ideas of the book come from classic literature such as whose work greatly influence the world world such as Homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, Euripides, Socrates, Hippocrates, Aristophanes, Plato, Aristotle and many more. The "Book of Enoch" influenced the usage of Azazael as a main character and love interest. I created the primary main character from the Chronicle of Saints. I wanted to show them as real flesh and blood with thoughts, desires and yearning as any human. Not as they are so often depicted. So I created one of my own to show her as a real human that everyone can relate to.
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8 Responses to “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”~Co Co Chanel

  1. Erik says:

    This is true in most authors you find the same story over and over. They can easily be replaced by someone with a brain and a computer. It’s hard to tell one author from another. They all writes the same and must have the same editor. It’s so rare to find a book truly original like The Unholy Pursuit books. If you read the pretense of most books you can figure out how things are going to go from the first few paragraphs because of the copy cat norm so predominant.

    If it’s horrors-Everyone dies. Monsters always win.
    If it’s romance-He’s beating the heck out of her or treating her like dirt and then realize after the hot woman dumps him that he loves her. “Bridget Jones Diary” Or another scenario she wise up and find a good man and they live happily ever after.
    If it’s sci-fi-They goes to another world and expect the people to behave as earthens behave. They have to save this world. What about just leaving it how you found it. Space ships are the new muscles cars or big over sized trucks.
    If it’s medieval-They fight through out the entire book. They talk like people on Broadway if they talk at all. Everyone is noble. The ladies are always non-sexual. The duke or lord is always noble. They are never how medieval life really was.
    If it’s Young Adult- Mom and dad are always dead. Sibling dead. They’re dealing with emotions. They’re depressed. Gee, everyone’s depressed nowadays. If they goes off to college it’s the same as high school. Or magic is fun. It doesn’t deal with the dark forces. Moody vampires or crazy were wolves, fairies spites are all good. Make friends with a fire breathing dragon.
    If it action or detective-The character is a drunk, a cheat, a liar and doesn’t see anything wrong with his actions.
    If it’s urban-There’s always a player, a woman beater or drug dealer and the dumb women who loves them.
    If it’s so called non-fictional or realism-There are scenes makes you wonder where in the heck was everyone when all this was happening? Make me wonders if a lot of it fictional.

    So, yes, everyone has had these experiences. Anyone can replace a writer who can’t think of anything new.

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  2. The edge! Confidence! ❤️

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  3. Ann says:

    They will learn this someday.

    On Tue, Aug 14, 2018 at 2:26 AM,

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