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Haunting? Are they real or imaginary?

Haunting? Accounts of them are old as the human race. Are they real or imaginary? Or is it just fear or some other emotion scrambling our psyches? I think that depends on who you asked. When I was researching and  … Continue reading

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Would you stop and render aid to some one lying beside the road even if the cost was high and dangerous?

In Bea’s Halloween” Ana and Bea finds themselves making an unintentional detour into a new town after finding a woman who has been badly beaten and left for dead lying by the side of the back roads they frequent. They … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

For those over 30, remember when you were a kid and trick or treated in your own neighborhood in homemade costumes made of old, worn out sheets and sometimes raggedy clothing your mother scared up from somewhere, while generously allowing … Continue reading

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What does Jason Voorhees and Nikola Machiavelli have in common?

Just as Jason Voorhees doesn’t give those he chases a chance to think of what to do next nor does Nikola Machiavelli. The only clue Nikola gives he’s up to something deviant is the infamous Machiavellian smile. In one book, … Continue reading

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I saw a Vertical Rainbow, a Sun Dog Rainbow yesterday.

I had never seen one and certainly never saw one so close. The rainbow I and my family walked under about 15 years ago was arching not a straight pillar. Up in this area there are all kinds of natural … Continue reading

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World of Delicious Goodies.

I know this is a different topic from what’s normally discussed here but no matter what we write. We all have to eat and sometimes we want delicatessens that aren’t a part of our everyday diet. And tomorrow night has … Continue reading

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Bea’s Halloween~ A Free Copy As A Halloween Trick or Treat! Oct 31st last day.

That’s right! We are having early trick or treating here for the next few days. It’s a Halloween book about kids written for kids. No, it’s not a story for toddlers or children under 6. From October 27-31 get your … Continue reading

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An Erratic Week

This past week has been very erratic on the national scene. It has been a long week of despair, hate, cruelty, and just plain sadness. I don’t have all the words to explain all the horror of it. Just yesterday, … Continue reading

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Halloween means Hallow Eve, the day before All Saints Day.

An older definition of Halloween dating back to the early days of Christianity means Hallow Eve, the day before All Saints Day. November 1st. When exactly did it turn into as we know it today? I haven’t been able to … Continue reading

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