Dialogue from the book, “The Pursuers”

Since I already used parts of this novel to answer a blog question about gangstalking. I decided to post the entire dialogue. This is a dialogue from the book “The Pursuers” 

No, the book has not been edited yet. This is a selection from the typed draft.

   Sitting in the big bay window facing the street, anxiously looking up and down the noisy street she lived on. The woman was growing uneasy watching for whom she needed to speak to. The late evening traffic had begun to thin out. So perhaps the girl will be home soon.  Sixty-eight-year-old Dorothy Malakanoff, Ana’s next-door neighbor knew Ana by another name. She knew it was a fake, or alias name the first day she met the young mother and daughter. But the woman is obviously being gaslighted, so she knows it’s necessary to use a forged name.

   Dorothy awaits by the window until she sees the headlights of the car pull up to the curb. She rushed to her door and opened it, inviting the younger woman inside. Offers her a seat. Immediately, she gets to the point of why she invited the girl inside her home.

    “Honey, the first thing you have to do is stop doubting yourself and assuming the other persons are right and you’re wrong. This is the very first step.  You must believe you’re right when you maybe wrong as two left shoes. Never admit you are wrong. In gaslighting that’s the same as admitting you’ve been defeated. There was an early 21st century president, I can’t remember his name right now. But he yelled everyone down knowing he was wrong as hell.  has some vital points in sticking to your guns no matter how wrong anyone say you are? You aren’t the president, so you can be wrong, and no one is jeopardized, but when you’re fighting your life there’s no right and wrong. It’s survival.”

   “I don’t doubt myself. I know there’s nothing wrong with me.” Ana humbly replied.

    “Good, that very good. Notice and acknowledge the anger others direct toward you when and if you question their behavior or action. Stop dismissing their attitude or overt anger for least thing as irrelevant. It’s a control tactic that works this way: If you do as I say then I’ll be pleased with you and give you my love and kindness. You don’t need that type of love and kindness. They can keep it. “


   “I never give anyone’s attitude the benefit of the doubt. I learned to stop that some years ago.” Ana up-to-date her neighbor. 


  Determined to make her point, Mrs. Malakanoff continued,   “Make sure those around you are people you can trust. (Follow your instinct on this one. Never doubt yourself. Being in love with someone doesn’t automatically means they’re trustworthy. Be aware of what you suspect is going on. I recount that, don’t ever say, “What I suspect. Say, I know such and such is happening!” And if the person asks for evident. Then you know who they truly are. Cease communication with them.”


   “Mrs. Dorothy Malakanoff.”

   “Mrs. Malakanoff, I appreciate what you’re trying to do and say but I’ve been dealing with a long time.”

   Mrs. Malakanoff looked her dead in the eyes asking, “Who’s the oldest here? Me or you?”


   “Alright then, shut up and listen. I’ve been dealing with this crap for over fifty years. Are you fifty years old yet?”

    “No ma’am.”

  “I didn’t think so. I doubt you’re even thirty. Anyway,  never let anyone force you to see a psychiatrist. In the 25th century that’s the worst thing that can happened to you.  I’ve nothing personal against those in that profession. They work wonders for people who need them. But in the case of a victim of gaslighting, this can be the greatest weapon used against you.  If you complain to the authorities about the crimes. They will question the state of your mental health. If you are under psychiatric care you will be viewed as unstable because the events that are going on are going to be so bizarre and with no evident you’ll be written off as simply crazy and seeing things that aren’t there. That’s all gaslighters’ ultimate goal—to discredit you. Now, isn’t the time for niceties and worrying about how anyone perceive you. You maybe fighting for yours and that little girl’s life.”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    Sternly pointing her rheumatoid arthritis crooked finger at Ana, she orders. “Always pay attention to what’s going on around you. Don’t assume anything. If it looks, sounds, or smells funny, or fishy. It usually is. If you smell a strange scent, there’s usually one there. This is a favor tactic employed by gaslighters. The one who is gaslighting you will say they don’t smell anything.”

   “Haven’t encountered that one before.”

  “ You will. And another thing,   if you have any racial tendency toward any other group of people. Now is an excellent time to work on overcoming and dropping them. Those gaslighting you, already knows this and we will use it against you. You’re going to need all the help you can get and can’t afford to be choosy as to where it come from.”

  “I don’t like, or dislike people based on something so trivial.”

   “Good, good, that’s great. You stand a chance of staying alive. Too many victims let their personal preferences determine who they trust. Remember,  technology is a gaslighter or gangstalker dream instrument. I hope you keep all yours off. It’s their favorite weapon of destruction and the way the social media ask for all, but a blood sample works hilariously in the gaslighter’s favor. Stop posting all your business all over the place. Pay attention to online activities. Don’t assume anything. I know no one wants to appear paranoid or flaky, but appearance went out the window when the gaslighting started.  This is about surviving the ordeal not how things look.”

   “Yes, I know. I have seen it happened.”

 Mrs. Malakanoff nods, continuing, “Tune out all the happy crap you thrown at you. Tune out the whimsy inspirations meme’s flooding the internet. You’re fighting for your sanity and your life. You’re fighting for survival. It’s time to get mean and cold as they are.  Wishful thinking and happy wishing are both useless when dealing with gaslighters. Gaslighters will encourage you to forgive every offense against you, all the while, they’ll turn around  and slam you again and again. They’re like any other abusers. Seek forgiveness as a way to stay mentally and often physically connected to you. If you stickup for or defend yourself or believe in yourself the gaslighter will accuse you of being selfish, mean, cold, and uncaring. But let them say or think whatever they please.

  “What others think of me doesn’t bother me.”

    Mrs. Malakanoff smiled at this reply. She could see it in the young woman’s eyes, she really didn’t give a damn what anyone thought of her. That’s a good way to be.  “Gaslighters justified their actions by claiming an offense was committed by you against them. . This is the common excuse gaslighters use when found out. Maybe true. I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter. But if so, there’s a thin line between revenge and gaslighting. Revenge is when a person issues their wrath for a known offense and move on. Gaslighting is not righting a wrong. Oftentimes no wrong has been committed against them. It’s about control. Most work for the darkside. You do believe in the darkside don’t you?”

   Ana nods.

  Dorothy Malakanoff sighed a relief. She was hoping this girl wasn’t one of those people too stupid to live. Believing the darkside is just some crap made up to scare people into doing the right thing and all exist is love, life and light.

  “Good, I’m glad you do because gaslighting can go on for years until the victim’s death.”

   “I don’t plan on dying anytime soon. All knows if you come after me. Somebody is going to die and isn’t going to be me.”

   Dorothy hid her uneasiness at the conviction in the young woman’s voice. But she knew at that moment she was face to face with a killer.  “A victim of gaslighting haven’t the luxury to worry about being aggressive and what anyone thinks of her if she behaves aggressively, will it cause anyone to dislike her or will she lose friends?  You don’t have to worry about being disliked for they already do not like you. If they did. They wouldn’t be gaslighting you. Be assertive. The quality of your life has been taken from you by covert operations. You’re going to have to assertively take it back.”

    “Thanks for the prep talk. I will remember those pointers. Good night.” Ana said, rising to leave.”

     Dorothy Malakanoff watched the young mother leave, leading her sleepy child out into the hallway and quietly pulling the door shut. Once the girl was heard entering her own apartment Dorothy laughed, “It would take a complete fool with a cherry creamed death wish to go up against that girl.” Dorothy chuckled, slowly shaking her head, thinking about those who came to the building today looking for her young neighbor. She didn’t tell the girl someone came looking for her today for she knew her own place is bugged. But she won’t be surprised to see that girl struggling a body rolled in a rug out of the building in the middle of the night, sometime very soon. 




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14 Responses to Dialogue from the book, “The Pursuers”

  1. lula says:

    Love it!

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  2. Anne Taylor says:

    Thanks for the pointers in what to look out for when dealing with nutjobs. There’s a tidal wave of them out there.


  3. Vanita says:

    Miss Dorothy sound like my grandma. 🙂


  4. Alisha says:

    The climate in the last two years are making the fictional stories of your books sounds more like a reality.

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  5. Saksgirl says:

    I can’t wait to read this one. When will it be available.


  6. Celestria says:

    I loved the except, but I think everyone saw for themselves on 1-6-21 exactly what these people are capable of. I mean people have been trying to tell society for years what these people are capable of but in the last thirty years it’s been cool to racial disparaging to others. It’s been cool to be a hick or red neck. I’m not saying all racist people are hicks or red necks because most are not. They are uncovered racist who hide their true feelings.

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  7. Baar says:

    Loved the passage from the book but why are they being pursued?


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