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Bea’s Halloween~ A Free Copy As A Halloween Trick or Treat! Oct 31st last day.

That’s right! We are having early trick or treating here for the next few days. It’s a Halloween book about kids written for kids. No, it’s not a story for toddlers or children under 6. From October 27-31 get your … Continue reading

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Perpetual Rage-Takes over when enough is enough.

It’s the year of 2043, forty three year old Lori James Smith whose nicknames included Smithy and Tall Lori was born on a Sunday morning, 31st December 2000 as the old year turned into a new year of 2001 unto … Continue reading

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Most people do not know Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. They have only seen the movie which is all wrong.

Reading the book Frankenstein is a vastly different from watching any of the movies made about the monster. Many may think they know the story but they do not if they have never read the book. First of all, the … Continue reading

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Life Instructions

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Dialogue from the book, “The Pursuers”

Since I already used parts of this novel to answer a blog question about gangstalking. I decided to post the entire dialogue. This is a dialogue from the book “The Pursuers”  No, the book has not been edited yet. This … Continue reading

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Kick Ass Female Protagonists are gaining popularity.

I noticed in recent years they are becoming more popular and are becoming more acceptable in literature. When I created the heroine,  Ana BuFaye, there were none out there as to why I created one I wanted to read about. … Continue reading

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Mothers make great authors…..

Mothers make great authors because they’re accustomed to multitasking, dealing with harrowing situations, and people whining and complaining. ~A. White  

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Sears Changed The Face of America Shoppers In A Critical Era.

Most people may not know is just how radical the catalogue was in the era of Jim Crow. You see, during Jim Crow, every time a black southerner, Midwesterner or westerner and even many parts of the north went to … Continue reading

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Don’t you just hate it when……

Don’t you just hate it when looking for something important on the internet and come across a website supposedly informing you how to do what you are trying to do or learn more about it? But wait! Meanwhile, all the … Continue reading

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