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The Making of Casanova~ Historical Fiction.

This is a historical fictional novel on the life of Giacomo Casanova. Everyone is familiar with this controversial figure’s sex life. That’s not what this book is about. I researched him and learned many things I didn’t know. Like for … Continue reading

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A Few Of The Books I Have Read

This list doesn’t begin to complete nearly half of them. This is mainly a small list of the sci-fi ones I have read. There are many more. I can’t think of all of them at the moment. ­čÖé I have … Continue reading

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Meeting Sam~ A novel by A. White-Christmas Gift. Merry Christmas

Each year for the holiday season a book is selected to be given a free gift. No, this has nothing to do with Uncle Sam nor any other Sam you may have in mind. Read and find out who ‘Sam’ … Continue reading

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Season’s Greetings from my family to yours! Merry Christmas!!!

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T’was the night before Christmas

T’was the night before Christmas When all through the world No crowds were expecting that one humble birth Could set in motion A marvelous plan, Our Savior God incarnated, with us The true hope of man.   Merry Christmas

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Who is an immortal and who is not.

The question a reader asked about Immortals. I am not sure, but I believe I answered this question some time ago. According to the ancient legend, a true immortal can not be die nor be killed. At least not by … Continue reading

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An older story of Perseus and Andromeda

The original story of Perseus and Andromeda. Andromeda┬á is an┬á Ethiopian Princess she wasn’t Greek. Many stories we b know are not originally from the society we learn them from. Sometimes there’s no way of who the original story tellers … Continue reading

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You know you are becoming a fairly well-known author when people start psychoanalyzing you.

You know you are becoming a fairly well-known author when people start psychoanalyzing you. Especially if you’re a new author. One they know little about. Why? I don’t know, but readers do it. I think they are curious as to … Continue reading

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Christmas Laugh. Holiday Humor.

Learn to laugh.

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