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The Power of Sex and How to Wield it. By Samantha Collins

Date: April 21, 2017Author: unholypursuit 0 Comments — Edit   I’m not the author of this book, I was asked to read it and write a review. Although, the topic is vastly different from those of my own books, nonetheless, … Continue reading

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Book: Women Who Think Too Much

Women Who Think Too Much I haven’t read this one yet but I intend to. I like how the message is converged on the cover. The cover clearly depict what the book is about. It shows a woman carrying and … Continue reading

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The execution date Friday, October 13, 1307, of the Knights Templar is where the legend of bad luck on Friday 13th comes from.

Today is Sunday Oct 13, 2019,  on this date over seven hundred years ago an massive burning at stake of the Knights Templar took place. It’s believed this is where the idea of the 13th being bad luck may have … Continue reading

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The Comedy Central show “Another Period,” was a comedic way of looking at how things used to be.

I know the show was foolish but very funny. I mean there was no other way to describe some of the episodes other than foolish, but believe it or not many of the issues they made fun of on this … Continue reading

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Drunk History: is often how history is told.

Drunk History is an American supposedly educational television comedy series produced by Comedy Central. Unfortunately, this often how history is actually told. Drunk History

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“Killing Eve” is surprisingly, British

This show is vastly different from most British shows shown in America. Truth be told, this show is different from just about any show shown anywhere. It’s a show where everyone is murderous and stone cold crazy.  Villanelle sounds a … Continue reading

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Hawks Nest West Virginia Tragedy of 1930

While researching for a book I came across this mining incident that occurred during the Great Depression. One man said the reason so many of the later generations such as myself never heard of it is because West Virginia has … Continue reading

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Awareness & Clarity

via Awareness & Clarity   I thought this was a very interesting topic.

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