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Ann Harden’s Art Work for the UnHoly Pursuit series.

I’m grateful Ann Harden used her talent to help me get the series before the public. I’ll always be thankful and yes, I really speak like this. LOL! Ann Harden Art Work  

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Happy Holidays from the Unholy Pursuit Saga.

  This book is the beginning of the saga. I recommend reading it in order to get to know the background of many of the major characters who will recurrence through out the series.   Ana BuFaye definitely believes in … Continue reading

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Bea’s Thanksgiving~ Second Book in the adventures of Bea.

  It’s a novel about a homeless little girl named Breanna “Bea” Wyett and her mother being invited to spend Thanksgiving Dinner with the family of a deceased person after they cut into a funerary procession to avoid those pursuing … Continue reading

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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken~Oscar Wilde

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. ~Oscar Wilde  

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7 Psychological Tricks For Book Promotion

via 7 Psychological Tricks For Book Promotion   Very interesting advice.

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Gucci Tier Skirt

Once a year I select a piece of fashion I find interesting. I came across this Gucci skirt. The cotton print tier skirt makes a comeback every decade.  Well, every decade since I’ve been around. I think what caught my … Continue reading

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Speak No Evil

This book caught my attention because I once attended such a church to learn about this subculture. What did I learn? I did learn it take many years of practice to do this and survive many snake bites.  

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New Imagery called WebP…What’s that?

Just when you thought you’d the SEO, (SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization), packed down in your brain. You’re feeling it’s safe to come out and look around like the survivor of  an apocalypse. (Take your pick in what type … Continue reading

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Widows Of India — The Indomitable Will

It is true that self-immolation or sati upon the funeral pyre of one’s husband has been banned in India for some time but the saddening acts of shunning and abandoning widows is ever present. The number of shelters run by … Continue reading

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