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The Roaring 20’s Have Been 100 Years Ago This Year.

When we look back on the last century, the last 100 years and it accomplishments we may find it astonished to realized that  “The Roaring 20 Have Been 100 Years Ago This Year.” Many of us know or knew someone … Continue reading

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Would The Milgram Shock Experiment Have The Same Result Today?

For those who aren’t familiar with The Milgram Shock Experiment, it was an experiment to see how far would people go to hurt someone merely because some one they perceived as an authoritative figure told them to do it?   … Continue reading

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Bakers Once Kneaded Dough For Making Bread With Their Feet

While researching for a book I learned that as late as the 19th century  that bakers kneaded the dough for making a loaf of bread with their feet. Gosh, think of the horrors of walking through somewhere like slums of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Gift. Free Book- “The Immortal Lover”

Valentine’s Day Gift. Free Book  

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Happy Valentine’s Day

The day of Amore is upon us. I’m hoping all forms of love is expressed today and for years to come.  

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The Immortal Lover-Free Copy.

Happy Valentine’s Day to All of you! I hope this day, which is a celebration of love finds you basking in love and goodness. And lot of chocolate.   

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Fog As Thick As Soup Turns into Winter Wonderland.

A big snow hit my area three days ago and we’re just now digging our way out. We have a beautiful winter wonderland outside, even if you may freeze your buns off. A funny thing happened thus, before the blinding … Continue reading

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