Manchild in the Promised Land-A book published 55 years ago holds true today.


I studied Manchild in the Promised Land as a social studies compendium in college. It was published in 1965 as autobiographical novel. It was written by Claude Brown. It chronicles of the author’s coming-of-age story amidst poverty and violence in Harlem during the 1940s and 1950s.

The same hold true for today.  I see there’s a grave imbalance between needs of the boy child and the girl child needs. Both need serious and urgent attention from all sides. We need to giving child attention by gender and realized both needs equal amount of love and encourage to grow into healthy adults.

Originally published: 1965
Author: Claude Brown
Page count: 415
Genres: Novel, Biography, Autobiography, Autobiographical novel, Fictional Autobiography
Awards: Anisfield-Wolf Book Award for Nonfiction


The Tears of the boy child



This book is pretty much saying the same thing years later.


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9 Responses to Manchild in the Promised Land-A book published 55 years ago holds true today.

  1. Free Minds says:

    I assure most people are not ready for this conversation. Equality is one sided topic. But who will wipe the tears of a boy child?

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    • A mother, that who will wipe the tears of a boy child. Wipe the tears of any child. Boy or girl. It may seems one sided but in truth it is not. The discussion of inequality for women and girls are perhaps 10,000 years over due.
      As recent as the 20th century girls are just now being discussed and counted as valuable. whereas for centuries all parents wanted sons not daughter. Among the poor. A son still stand a greater chance at success than a daughter.
      There was never any parts of the world which left male children in the elements to die while it was once a common practice in many societies pertaining female children.

      I think it’s time many parts of the world let go of patriarchy. The social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. Some patriarchal societies are also patrilineal, meaning that property and title are inherited by the male lineage. It only benefits a selected few. It doesn’t actually benefit the vast majority of men.

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    • Saksgirl says:

      I agree equality is a one sided topic. Black women and girls are killed at the same rate as black men and boys but it hasn’t sparked a worldwide protest mainly because they aren’t considered as valuable as a man or boy. There’s a killer in California who killed them for 30 years before he was caught.

      The question ‘should’ who will wipe the tears of a girl child? Not even black women protest these deaths because they’ve been conditioned by the male control society that females lives are worth less than males’ lives. Look at how the all holy books are written. All those begets, they didn’t even bother to record the women’s name. You would think the men birthed those male children by himself.

      “A boy child cries a tear. A girl child cries as river of tears.”

      Rachel Hightower author of “Girl Child In The UnPromised Land.”

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  2. Jamal says:

    I read Make Me Wanna Holler, I am sorry, but it is more about trivial things more so than the struggles of being black in America. What in the heck not being cool and looking up girls skirts and being a thug have to do with the reality of Black life in America? No one ever died because they didn’t have the latest clothing to wear to school. Sounded a lot like a military brat to me. The only thing remotely talked in the book that fit the life of many African Americans was when he attended Maps, a former all white Junior High. The treatment he received at Mapps was terrible.

    This is no Malcolm X or Other black heroes autobiography. Sounds rather spoiled to me. Sorry, I can’t get into his off handed way of making being street thug cool. He hadn’t been though anything and it is an insult to people who gave their all.

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  3. Jamal says:

    Another thing, he had zero respect for women. I have been that age and that is not how normal teenage black boys act. The way his spoiled a$$ saw his stepfather for taking shite off of white people to feed and cloth his ungrateful a$$ turned me off. Try being hungry and not eating for days, living in a no heat apartment in the winter, living around constant shooting, living in the damn streets after an eviction, being harassed by the police, and then come back and tell me how important a damn pair of shoes are. I don’t know who published this book but they clearly think the eye of black people are a joke.

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