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Just because you’re a sheep doesn’t mean you have to follow the crowd.

The volatility of some people can be like looking at a hagfish for the first time. Ugly and slimy. But at least how they look serve a purpose. The hagfish looks the way nature intended but people’s faces twisted ugly … Continue reading

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What happened to individualism?

What happened to individualism? Agreeing with everyone all the time is not “indivisible” means. I’ve learned throughout life to get to the heart of the truth…you may have to offend some people. The process isn’t always pleasant. Too many people … Continue reading

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Another Cl-Fi Book

Here is another Cli-Fi book.

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Follow The Black Sheep. Think for yourself

I’ve been noticing a very disturbing pattern for the last few years. People are growing less and less likely to be willing to work together. Listen to each other. Society is becoming more volatile. [In truth, I know it really … Continue reading

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What Adult Readers Look For In A Romance Novel according to singer Gitanjali Pritchard

I am pleased to present the respond to what are adult readers looking for from a musician, actress, song writer’s perspective. Gitanjali Pritchard- Gitanjali Pritchard is a lyrics writer/ composer and singer/ MA ( sociology) from University of Mumbai … Continue reading

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Cli-Fi -The question was “Do you have any Cli-Fi novels?”

The question was “Do you have any Cli-Fi novels?” Yes, I do! They were written before the word CLI-FI was coined. Back then, I just called them speculative fiction. Climate fiction (sometimes shortened cli–fi) is genre of literature that deals … Continue reading

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Covid 19 is a swift changing virus.

COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving virus creating unusual situations as to why we need to stay informed of what’s doing next. The CORONAVIRUS is no joke! COVID-19 is rapidly evolving virus. We have surpassed the 200,000 threshold in Americans … Continue reading

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Waking Up The 90%

“1% controls the world4% are sellout puppets90% are asleep 5% know and are trying to wake up the 90% and the 1% don’t want the 5% to wake up the 90%.” -Malcolm X “I must say…. It’s far easier to … Continue reading

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The prediction of a second round of Covid-19 is on its way this Fall. Many have lost someone dear to this pandemic. And today is Fall Equinox. We all hope and pray that there’s no further loss of lives. This … Continue reading

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