Irritated Bull Elephant says “Kid get away from me!”

This is an interesting video if you like watching the animal kingdom and observing animals behavior. The ginormous bull elephant spun around in order to smack the tiny infant on its tiny backside, causing the little baby to squeal in pain before trying to sneak away.

Unfortunately for the little one, he stepped right in the line of sight of the angered elephant for a second time, who gave the baby another hit with its heavy trunk.

Another female tries to intervene but the angry bull dared her to challenge him.

Later the screaming baby was coddled by its mother, who took her child away from the lone bull who was obviously not part of their herd.

It was a hot, dusty and dry day and the temperature was perhaps close to 85 degrees from the look of the arid ground.

The baby was briefly separated from its mother while she drank water.

The baby seemed to be very tired due to the very hot conditions and they seemed a little lost and confused.

So, the baby turned to the big male elephant for comfort and protection, but instead of comforting and protecting the baby the irritable male elephant smacked the baby with its trunk.

I think due to the heat and his thirst, the giant bull elephant is not in a good mood but he restrained himself.

It was unexpected and I immediately hoped that the baby was not harmed.

The trunk of an elephant can weigh as much as 309 lbs and is packed with muscle. He could have easily killed the tiny baby elephant.

But the trunk can also be used in a very gentle and delicate way as can be seen when the mother elephant drew the baby closer unto herself. The baby appeared unharmed. I assume he mainly tapped it but still…he needs to learn that you don’t tap other elephants’ kids.

When the mother arrive he then pushes the mother as if trying to get at the young one again but then another bull stepped between the mother and child and, inspected the baby and then challenge him. Mr. Irritable backs down.

Mother and baby

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2 Responses to Irritated Bull Elephant says “Kid get away from me!”

  1. Brendan says:

    That’s right Papa Elephant beat his big a$$ up for hitting your baby!
    Big coward!
    Picking on women and children!
    Did anyone see how Papa Elephant inspected the baby and her to make sure they were ok?
    Human guys! That’s how you treat women and children. Not beat them up or bully them.

    Liked by 1 person

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