Oregon Hospitals Didn’t Have Shortages. So Why Were Disabled People Denied Care?

This is what disabled people has been saying for years. That they don’t receive proper medical care.

They have been telling the public, that they do not get the same treatment in nothing as everyone else.

But no one has been listening!

So why are anyone surprised this small town did this? Asked this mentally challenged woman to wavier her right to live. Using the Covid -19 treatment as an excuse.

The disabled have been saying for years if you have a disability and your family isn’t rich so every one treat you well. Then you are treated like sh*t by just about everyone. And when you stick up for yourself you are accused of having a bad attitude.

They have been saying for years they are treated like their life doesn’t matter.

Doctors routinely do not take their problems seriously. From observation I have noticed the worst kind of disability to have is the invisible kind. If a person has a disability that can not be seen the moment people you look at them some are often deemed not disabled. Some disabled people will not tell you they have one. I don’t blame them. People are such a$$holes.


What are the 3 types of disability?

The main categories of disability are physical, sensory, psychiatric, neurological, cognitive and intellectual. Many people with disability have multiple disabilities. A physical disability is the most common type of disability, followed by intellectual and sensory disability.

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