Garth Brooks Narrowly Avoids Snubbing Vice President Kamala Harris After His Amazing Grace Performance

Sometimes, you have to discuss what your readers want to talk about. And this is one of those times. But in my own way I had already addressed this.

Imagine if you are the Vice President of the USA and some guys still react this way and the whole world is looking on.

After shaking President Biden’s hand, he moved on to greet former Vice President Pence and then…turned to leave. Skipping completely over the vice president.

Kamala Harris had been sitting directly behind him with the former Vice President and made sure the country star wasn’t leaving without shaking her hand. She quickly stood up and extended her hand in his path and Garth quickly stopped and shook her hand.

The proper thing was to have shaken her hand first, she was the woman among those he greeted. Then Joe Biden’s hand, and then Pence, who was no longer Vice President.

This is exactly why Etiquette Rules should still be taught in schools—but unfortunately aren’t.

I am glad everything seemed to have turned out well. But he appeared less comfortable greeting Harris than Biden and Pence. I think she’s trying to put him at ease.

It’s said he caught a lot of grief for performing at this inauguration and not performing at prior inauguration.

Harris and Brooks

No, I can’t explain the seemingly pained expression on his face when talking to her. There’s a whole lot happened in this short time span that I feel is the tip of an iceberg.

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4 Responses to Garth Brooks Narrowly Avoids Snubbing Vice President Kamala Harris After His Amazing Grace Performance

  1. Cele says:

    Er, A..uh how can I say this..that pained expression is the face some white people wear when they really do not wish to talk to a black person but have no other choice. It is sad but true. It had nothing to do with lack of etiquette. Every Black American have seen that look.

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  2. ShiraDest says:

    Thank you: etiquette and graciousness are both apparently forgotten values that, as you say, need to be taught.
    Stay safe,

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    • Thanks for visiting and I wish you the same safety.
      Unfortunately, we now live in a society where rudeness is praised and etiquette and graciousness are both forgotten rules of a civilized society. But at his age, I’m sure he was taught etiquette and graciousness he just didn’t apply it.

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