Reader’s Question: Is Ana’s Mother Harris and Stephen King Mother Abagail the same type of character?

Reader’s Question: Is Ana’s Mother Harris and Stephen King Mother Abagail the same type of character?

No, Mother Harris is a lot different from Stephen King’s Mother Abagail. Mother Harris as you know is a warrior saint from the distant pass. She’s over 400 years old. Mother Abigail has not traveled 400 years into the future.

“Mother Abagail” Freemantle lived in Hemingford Home, Nebraska. She is one of the main characters from The Stand. In the 1994 TV miniseries, she is played by Ruby Dee. In the 2020 mini-series the character is played by Whoopi Goldberg.

Mother Abagail is a prophet of God.

Mother Harris is a warrior saint of God.

Let’s put it this way—those like Mother Abagail talk and reason with people and if that doesn’t work, and they still continue to harm other, then those like Mother Harris are sent to kick behind. To put a stop to the atrocities.

Most people will probably like Mother Abagail better. 🙂 Mother Harris isn’t as easy going.

Come to think of it, they are both wearing an, “I don’t tolerate bull&**” expression. LOL!

Mother Harris’ raised eyebrow is probably daring Nikola or Orman to pull one of their usual evil stunts.

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6 Responses to Reader’s Question: Is Ana’s Mother Harris and Stephen King Mother Abagail the same type of character?

  1. kevin cooper says:

    Good inside analysis of the characters.

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  2. Brendan says:

    I can see where one might think this, but having read the story I know they are not the same type of spiritual person. But I do think that they are both warriors in their own way. Mother Harris is a lot more fierce than Mother Abagath.

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  3. Brendan says:

    Who is Orman?

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