Children Are Sometimes The Casualties Of Domestic Violence

Everyone deserves relationships free from domestic violence. That was not the case for a local child. Another child lost his life to domestic violence.

I’m all for making a relationship work— if one has a real relationship in order to make work. But I’m not for staying in abusive relationships allegedly for the sake of the children.

The foolishness in trying to make something work that one see is broken has become acceptable behavior and viewed as having a deep and profound relationship. Abuse is abuse no matter how much you loves the other person.

Some abusers are not abusive toward the woman, but are abusive to the children. Far too many young children lose their lives in domestic violence. Parents, single or married, have to be on the look out for this type of abuse.

It’s better to live below your accustomed standard of living and your child is free from abuse than to stay in luxury and your child live in fear for his or her life. All of these cases are not an unrelated-to-the-child boyfriend or a girlfriend. Some are the other parent.

Single parents have to be extra valiant and on the look out for such abusers. Your child(ren) are counting on you to protect them from the outside world.

Too often, the way things are set up works against a single mother needs affordable child care. Too often to make ends meet she entrust the child to someone she recently started dating. She doesn’t know the person well enough to trust him with her child. The average cost to provide center-based child care for an infant to toddler in the United States is $1,230 per month. Most women do not make this kind of money. The average woman makes $2,583 per month after child care let’s hope her rent or mortgage is below $1,000 or she will have very little left for food and other essentials.

We’re hypocrites when we say we love the children but yet do nothing to make their lives safe. We as a society is more concerned about breaks for big corporations than the welfare of a small helpless child.

I know it is hard being single and raising children alone. I have been there. Done that. But tightening the belt until the whole family is uncomfortable is sometimes a must and it’s always better being alone and your child is happy and safe. When they grow up is time enough to date again.

About unholypursuit

A. White, an award winning former librarian, who is also a long time member of Romantic Time and Publisher's Weekly. A. White has been writing for over fifteen years. She took classes in creative writing in college, specializing in ancient myths and legends. and later at a local community center while living in Chicago. In college she won the national contest to verbally list every country in the world, it's capital and ingenious language. Her works are mainly horror, fantasy, extreme, and sci-fi as well as, as some may says, "the truly strange predicament and puzzling." Books that I've written are "Clash with the Immortals, and eleven others which are part of the "Unholy Pursuit saga,". She has been working on the Chronicles since 2007. She wished to complete them all before introducing them to public so the readers wouldn't have to for the continuation to be written. The ideas of the book come from classic literature such as whose work greatly influence the world world such as Homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, Euripides, Socrates, Hippocrates, Aristophanes, Plato, Aristotle and many more. The "Book of Enoch" influenced the usage of Azazael as a main character and love interest. I created the primary main character from the Chronicle of Saints. I wanted to show them as real flesh and blood with thoughts, desires and yearning as any human. Not as they are so often depicted. So I created one of my own to show her as a real human that everyone can relate to.
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2 Responses to Children Are Sometimes The Casualties Of Domestic Violence

  1. Celeste says:

    Yes, these are a very sad happenings. The death of children have increased with the stress of this Pandemic. People today can’t handle any thing with out resorting to violence. When I think on all the violence and bloodshed of long ago it sadden me how it is still going on. Nowadays, the victims can be anyone.

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