Please explain the concept of the novel, “The Eternal Lover”

Please explain the concept of the novel, “The Eternal Lover”

from: Mattie O’Brien> to: “A. White” *>
date: Jun 4, 2021, 1:41 PM
subject: Please explain the concept of the novel, “The Eternal Lover”
: Marked important mainly because it was sent directly to you.

I received an ARC of “The Eternal Lover,” and I must say that I’m conflicted about the book. The excitement and actions are splendid. The energy and activities are astonishing. Well written but as a conservationist. I find the treatment of matrimony situations a little too frivolous.

Although it’s elegantly composed, I, however, as a preservationist. I discovered parts where the treatment of marriage is excessively trivial. I don’t know if that was the intended concept but that’s how I see it. I understand realism is involved in the novel.

Therefore, I’m at clashed and on the fence about the book. The energy and activities are astonishing. Elegantly composed however as a preservationist. I discover the treatment of marriage as if all that matters is Ana and Azazael’s feelings.

I know a lot of hard work went into creating the book and I want to hear from you before rating it. I can not guarantee what rating I will give, but I like the pretense of the story. However, I’m having problems with the extra marital situation considering it is supposed to be a romantic novel. An epic love story.

I’m asking for an explanation because I know a ton of difficult work went into making the book and I need to hear from you prior to rating it. As I said, I can not ensure what rating I will give, however I liked the basic representation of the story. In any case, I’m having issues with the additional relationship activities and circumstances considering it should be a heartfelt novel. An epic romantic love tale.

I understand, comprehend, that Azazael, as he is called in this story, is an immortal, and Ana, a mortal, but is also a Time Walker who walked back into his time; a time when he was a king and progenitor of a race of immortals. A time before his fall from grace and she became enamored with him. Fell in love with him. And he fell madly in love with her. But the problem I have is that they both were married to other people.

During her frequent other worldly travels Ana began to look all starry eyed at him. What’s more, he fell frantically enamored with her. Yet, the difficulties I have is that the two of them were hitched to other people.

I correct myself, Azazael and Paranormael, the progenitors of a universe, are divorced because they were experiencing empirical problems. Shouldn’t being progenitors force Azazael and Paranormael to try and work things out?

On the earthly side, on the natural side, Ana and Thad, lovely little Bea’s parents, are experiencing problems being created by Thad’s ego and Nikola’s people.

Something I noticed, both of Ana’s great loves are incredibly handsome men, rich, alpha males. I agree with her older sister when she said Ana needs to get over the handsome face, stuffed wallet, and great body thingy and look for love with a regular man.

I concur with her more established sister when she said Ana needs to grow up and get over the destructive attraction to a good looking face and incredible body and search for affection with a mature and customary man. Thad and Azazael are both bad boys. The same man. The only difference: One is mortal and the other; immortal.

I understand that Paranormael and Thad weren’t the easiest people to live with. They both weren’t the least demanding individuals to be married to. I understand that. Both were very beautiful and handsome and possessed legendary qualities.

Yet, I think Ana and Azazael could be expected to work out their issues with their spouses prior to falling into one another’s arms.

Again, I say I firmly believe Ana and Azazael needed to be written as mature enough to work out their problems before falling in love with each.

Then again, Thad and Paranormael aren’t giving their respective spouses up easily, even if they are making them quite miserable. Neither admit their wrong doings, nor apologize for them.

Mattie O’Brien



  Thank you,  Mattie. I truly appreciate being given the opportunity to defend the novel’s plot before you write your review. I have never been given this opportunity before and truly appreciate it.

However, I do not write this to persuade your review. I am only offering an explanation as you requested.

   The format and structure of the characters’ lives is based upon romantic reality. I try to write realistic romantic novels. I know it’s perhaps difficult to conceptualize the manuscript as having much realism considering the elements of Time Walking, other worlds, angels, and immortals. But the overall semblance is that there is no such thing as a fairy tale even in the lands where fairy tales are supposedly made.

Each of these characters will face hardship far greater than that they are facing. I needed to build them up to become resilient people to endure what’s ahead.  Azazaeland is all about resplendence and glory. Being as paradisiacal as it is there was no room for Azazael to become as he later became. Being what it is doesn’t test the characters strength and endurance.

You are right,  Azazael and Paranormael were divorced when he met Ana and Ana and Thad are not. I was not treating the subject as frivolous but trying to be truthful about the chances of relationship with it because of the high divorce rate of today; people may or may not be still getting married at all by the 25th century.

By the time Ana Time Walked through realms and dimensions with a broken heart, her and Thad’s marriage were practically over. They were sleeping in separate bedrooms because Thad under the influence of witchcraft is seriously considering leaving her for Lola. Dignified as Ana is, she refused to make a big dramatic production of Thad’s affair. As you know Lola is an agent of Shrevenport, one of Nikola’s top men and it’s he who cast the love spell over Thad.

Ana and Azazael, both suffering from broken hearts, knew how to appreciate each other with their both having been treated so badly by their spouse. Although, it wasn’t entirely Thad’s fault as to why Ana’s marriage crumbled. His ego played a part. His sophistry wasn’t enough to handle the tricks of a powerful warlock.

The message behind the story is that sometimes relationships just do not work out. And just because a marriage ends doesn’t mean the person wronged may never find a great happiness. It means that that particular person they married wasn’t the one. How will you ever find the one who will love you as you deserve to be loved if you are still trying to resuscitate a dead relationship? How can you make your children happy if you are not happy?

Ana and Azazael’s problem before meeting each is that they both were trying to revive dead marriages. However, when Thad and Paranormael discovered their lovesick spouses had moved on emotionally, that’s when they wanted them.  Neither was truly willing to change. They are prime examples of people wanting their cakes and eating them too.

Again, thanks for the opportunity to explain,

A. White

About unholypursuit

A. White, an award winning former librarian, who is also a long time member of Romantic Time and Publisher's Weekly. A. White has been writing for over fifteen years. She took classes in creative writing in college, specializing in ancient myths and legends. and later at a local community center while living in Chicago. In college she won the national contest to verbally list every country in the world, it's capital and ingenious language. Her works are mainly horror, fantasy, extreme, and sci-fi as well as, as some may says, "the truly strange predicament and puzzling." Books that I've written are "Clash with the Immortals, and eleven others which are part of the "Unholy Pursuit saga,". She has been working on the Chronicles since 2007. She wished to complete them all before introducing them to public so the readers wouldn't have to for the continuation to be written. The ideas of the book come from classic literature such as whose work greatly influence the world world such as Homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, Euripides, Socrates, Hippocrates, Aristophanes, Plato, Aristotle and many more. The "Book of Enoch" influenced the usage of Azazael as a main character and love interest. I created the primary main character from the Chronicle of Saints. I wanted to show them as real flesh and blood with thoughts, desires and yearning as any human. Not as they are so often depicted. So I created one of my own to show her as a real human that everyone can relate to.
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9 Responses to Please explain the concept of the novel, “The Eternal Lover”

  1. H.H.Haston says:

    A., I didn’t think you wrote conservative, liberal or no other political last I haven’t detected it. Uh, this Mattie person, if that’s her real name, I do not believe has any intentions of writing a review. This is her review.

    She sounds like another writer to me. The kind of writer who writes conservative romances. The kind where people act total very Victorian. The only people who have lived the way those who live in these conservative novels are those who have the best advantage in life.

    The reason some in the reading world is falling away from the conservative type books is that are that they are hypocritical. The character behave in a way that states they have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the actual case. How can one have higher standards when it’s ok with you to hurt or take advantage of others to live the way you do? I prefer an honest novel to glossed over truths.

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    • Hi H.H.Haston, I’m happy to know there are readers out there for realism romance. 🙂 Thanks for letting me know that.
      I hope she does write a review as she sees the story. My job is to entertain.
      Either way, the story was written years ago and it’s too late to change it.


    • Mattie O'Brien says:

      Haston, my name is indeed Mrs. Mattie O’Brien, it has been so for fifty-two years. I’ll have you to know I have been reviewing books for many years, therefore I have a better idea of what readers of the romance genre are looking for than you. Maybe ten years ago, the other lover agenda may have worked but the last four years have made a major shift back to conservative views. Conservative writing is simply clean romance. There’s no political agenda.

      A. White, I see since you are not going to take my advice, then, I want you to know the character Ana appears spoiled. I read your other books and her family, big sister babied her overmuch. Her parents and older siblings indulged her to an extreme behavior.

      I will admit that Thad spoiled her. Nothing was too good for her. Now, later in the marriage he doesn’t want to deal with her whining and wanting his companionship, expecting him to still entertain her now that she’s married. She lives in a mini-McPalace in Beacon Hill and still isn’t happy! She’s unhappy because she never learned how to entertain herself. Why doesn’t she confront Thad about his infidelity? That’s immature behavior; not talking to your spouse and working things out. Oh yes, I forgot…Thad avoids talking to her. I don’t exactly blame him. She’s so shy, naive, and needy. Sometimes she doesn’t see him for days and when she does see him he’s arguing with her about his absence. Then, was time to file for a divorce, get it, and then go Time Walking to find her lover if he’s still free.

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      • Thank you Mattie, I will take in consideration the experienced suggestions of parts that can be modified without irrevocably changing the continuous course of the series. You see, all the books are connected. They are exhibiting various aspects of the character’s life. A lot was written before “The Eternal Lover” and I have to keep it in flow with the others or created a dramatic reason why this one is different. If you have any suggestions on how this can be done. I am open to ideals.


  2. A. White says:

    No, this novel haven’t been published yet. No, it is not the Immortal Lover nor part of it.

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  3. Ilbraim Holbein says:

    For those of us who have been following the series from the beginning, please do not change Ana BuFaye. We liked her from the beginning because she was not like the traditional heroine. She is none of the things Mattie say she is . I was glad you changed the “terrible family trope” so popular in YA books.
    Send me a copy of the manuscript and I will read and review the book. I don’t believe this person read it. All who started out with you know Ana, from the Tree” that Ana BuFaye is an independent, strong-willed, kind, loving but fearless little girl. She isn’t needy or clingy. I don’t know yet how she became as a young mother and young wife. When the series started she was already divorced and running from Nikola and his ghouls.

    As far as the naive part… of course she is! Her family was following a very old southern tradition. Southern families do not allow their teenagers to live adult lives and be involved in adult grade relationships until they actually reach adulthood and is out of your parents house. It’s called actually raising your children and not letting them raise themselves. It’s not bougie, it’s called high-raising your child with qualities they won’t compromise.

    I do believe had she possessed any of those characteristics it would have been difficult to write a guy like Thad marrying her. She won’t lower herself to play the “I WON” game with him and Lola.

    Marriage expose and display vulnerabilities in all women.

    I am sick of people like her messing up every decent intriguing character or with story their Puritanism. In real life sex happens. In real life affairs happen. In real life many things happen which are not idea. That’s what all literature that survived the test of time has understood and wrote about it. Life, even if it is in a fictional form.

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  4. Dunwoody says:

    Boy! She is rrrreallyyy obsessed with marriage.

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