Researchers Believe COVID-19 Maybe Linked to Cognitive Decline.

As if COVID-19 alone wasn’t bad enough, it decided to deliver more disturbing news. The virus is believe to increase Alzheimer’s-like symptoms. Many complain about a brain fog during their illness.

COVID linked to cognitive decline, acceleration of Alzheimer’s-like symptoms, research finds.

As if COVID alone wasn’t bad enough, it decided to deliver more distrubing news.

Researchers are noticing that loss of smell may be particularly indicative of an overlap between the diseases. COVID-19 has caused persistent cognitive or mood problems for millions of people in the U.S. alone. Among these people, many describe acute forgetfulness and NPR reports that these symptoms are “similar to those of early Alzheimer’s, and doctors sometimes describe these patients as having an Alzheimer’s-like syndrome that can persist for many months.”

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) has emerged as a key comorbidity of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2). The morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 are elevated in AD due to multiple pathological changes in AD patients such as the excessive expression of viral receptor angiotensin converting enzyme 2 and pro-inflammatory molecules, various AD complications including diabetes, lifestyle alterations in AD, and drug-drug interactions. Meanwhile, COVID-19 has also been reported to cause various neurologic symptoms including cognitive impairment that may ultimately result in AD, probably through the invasion of SARS-CoV-2 into the central nervous system, COVID-19-induced inflammation, long-term hospitalization and delirium, and post-COVID-19 syndrome. In addition, the COVID-19 crisis also worsens behavioral symptoms in uninfected AD patients and poses new challenges for AD prevention. In this review, we first introduce the symptoms and pathogenesis of COVID-19 and AD. Next, we provide a comprehensive discussion on the aggravating effects of AD on COVID-19 and the underlying mechanisms from molecular to social levels. We also highlight the influence of COVID-19 on cognitive function, and propose possible routes of viral invasion into the brain and potential mechanisms underlying the COVID-19-induced cognitive impairment. Last, we summarize the negative impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on uninfected AD patients and dementia prevention.

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2 Responses to Researchers Believe COVID-19 Maybe Linked to Cognitive Decline.

  1. Interesting dialogue with my friend aged 48 who has multiple Dementias yesterday. Yes, she has been given two injections. After further information by scientific examination, three months later by MIR scans showed an improvement in the neuron tracks in the brain. A following with Nuclear scans has demonstrated many signs of plague have disappeared. My friend looks different and sounds great. Her fog has lifted plus every day her cognitive damage has improved. Walking freely. Yes, my friend is weary the battlefield has been ravaging her body. We wait with hope. 💫😔

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    • I am so sorry to learn about your friend. She seems to be on the steady course to improvement. I truly hope she continues to improve. It seems that Covid-19 has a new symptom each week. I last counted 98 symptoms. The swollen tongue is something I never heard of with any illness.

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