‘You bloody fool’: Australian talking duck proves birds can imitate speech.

Parrot and many other birds have already proven birds can imitate speech.

Australian Musk Duck

Southern meadow larks are known to imitate people laughing. Loons screams and laugh like an insane person.

So are mocking jays and regular jays known to copy other birds and some time people, although according to Google, the mocking jay bird isn’t a real bird but the evolutionary result of a failed government breeding experiment in the Hunger Games.

The real ones are not a result of any sort of experiments. “Google say that the mocking jay is not a real species, the fascinating trait of mimicry is very real in the wild, as seen in the mockingbird and other animals.”

What’s called a mocking jay in the USA doesn’t look like a flaming phoenix. It looks more like a specimen of lark. It looks more like a cross between a Mocking bird and a Blue jay.

I gotta tell ya…these people who write these things really need to do as Penny told Lenny on the Big Band Theory, they need to go outside some of the time and talk to people. Study nature. You can learn a whole lot by observing. Perhaps they don’t exist in all parts of the world. I don’t know.

But lo and behold, no bird yet has yelled, “You Bloody Fool” and slammed the door. It’s called an Australian musk duck. An unusually handsome prehistoric looking fellow.

Perhaps that’s how he survived all these years by insulting his enemies into a puddle of tears. Remember he also calls you a bloody fool and then sounds out the slamming of the door to drive home his point. Perhaps he yelled at his predators, “Begone from me! You bloody fool. Oh! You think you can take me on? Handle me? Ah please, don’t beguile yourself. You don’t have enough stamina to cuss at a cat.”

Australian Musk Duck

He looks like a cross between a duck and a tom turkey. His tail is even unusual.

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2 Responses to ‘You bloody fool’: Australian talking duck proves birds can imitate speech.

  1. Brendan says:

    You have a wicked sense of humor. You could tell somebody off and they would not have known what you called just them.

    Liked by 1 person

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