Where Would The World Be Without Mothers?


I lost the original post and can’t remember all the words. So, I’m writing a summary from what I can remember.

Where Would The World Be Without Mothers?

The world would be up the creek without a paddle if all the mothers were to suddenly disappear. The world would turn into a scary scene from a dystopia novel, except it would be real.

And before anyone say anything about their abusive mother. I’m not saying she was or she wasn’t abusive. I was not there. So, I can not say. But I do know she didn’t have to keep you. Dads abandons children all the time. She could have just left you under a complex stairs, in a urine soak hallway, at a church or fire department.

Because raising a child is the toughest thing you will ever do.

Some probably say they wish she had left them somewhere. No, you don’t, as bad as she was when you were growing. An orphanage would have been much worst. 98% of children in orphanages are never adopted. You simply hear about the success stories. No one want to talk about the children who can’t socialize for they have been neglected for years. Remembers these workers are not those children kinsmen. Some may be nice but to most it’s a job, not relationship.

Only 2% of the children in orphanages are adopted. That means had your mother left you you would have spent the next 18 years in a place where you couldn’t do as you please. A place you can not go back to if life became hard.

The Child Trend studies suggest that β€œabout 2% of the U.S. child population is adopted, either from foster care or through private domestic or international adoption

Historically, an orphanage is a residential institution, or group home, devoted to the care of orphans and other children who were separated from their biological families

While working as an intern for social work I heard the supervisor of one of the Orphanage says. “A bad mother is better than no mother.”

orphanage in USA

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15 Responses to Where Would The World Be Without Mothers?

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  2. NiyathyDios says:

    β€œA bad mother is better than no mother.” Heart wrenching read! The picture reminds me of Oliver Twist for some reason. Thank you.

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    • I guess it would make one think of Oliver Twist. I had not thought of that. Yes, I thought so too when I heard the woman say it. I was a college student there temporary, and could see no matter how much those who ran the place wanted to and tried to make each child feel loved, there were too many children for six people to love and handle. I don’t know if that’s true but the side staff did act as if this was just a job.

      I guess that’s why there’s a song called, “Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child.”

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  3. Priti says:

    Beautiful article yes it’s true we can only hear the successful stories but we don’t have any idea about how many are getting neglected for year’s without mother’s ! Well shared thanks πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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  4. Keller says:

    I know some won’t agree but that orphanage lady may had been right. I can’t imagine my parents not bringing me home from the hospital. 😦
    Gee. I thought the adoptions rate were higher!

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    • I think the main hold up in adoptions is that they don’t let singles adopts. And a couple must have a certain among. Usually from $35,000–$50,000 and most people in that income bracket isn’t going to adopt a child. They prefer their own flesh and blood. If they lowered the income requirements I believe many childless people would adopt a child. People could have more to offer than money.


  5. Keller says:

    It would be in a terrible way.

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  6. Hadliegh says:

    Some people say their mother doesn’t love them because the woman wasn’t kissing their behind 24/7. Since, I actually grew up and have experienced life, I see what my mother went through to raise me. I just told her this morning how special she is.

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