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St Louis Under Water.

One of you all mentioned to me I wrote about St. Louis in “UnHoly Pursuit: The Devil On My Trail” and “The Immortal Lover”. Yes, I did use it as a setting for two incidents of Ana and Bea. You … Continue reading

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Whoa! We are now locking up Congress Women.

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Thank everyone for visiting. I’m terribly sorry for the two weeks hiatus. Thank again. 😍

I want to thanks all of you new arrivals. Old members who visited during my absence. Thanks for the inquest of my absence. I took a brief hiatus from online for personal reasons. Again, thanks for your continual support. 😍

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I know a woman who suffers over 12 different ailments and still find reasons to be thankful.

Originally posted on The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail:
I know a woman who is in constant pain; she suffered a broken back, hip, rib, arm and leg, suffers severe allergies and asthma, partial deaf, has a speech…

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The Pandemic, it’s winding down. But it’s not over. Still take precaution when in public.

The other day I was putting grocery in my car when a woman walked up to me, unmasked, and said. “Masks really don’t help with Covid.” in a rather nasty tone. I looked at her to see if she was … Continue reading

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Free Book! Bright Lights Bound By Darkness by By I.M. Savage

In a cold universe close to death, humanity’s descendants orbit a black star. Eons ago, they retreated to the collective conscious, an artificial world that provided immortality. Millennia passed without change while people slept a dreamless state, until a distant … Continue reading

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Shinzo Abe Was Assassinated Yesterday.

If many of you are like me he’s the only Prime Minister of Japan you know. I mean I know there were others but I have no idea who they were. Shinzo Abe was a Japanese politician who served as … Continue reading

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Independence’s Day Parade Mass Shooting.

Six people were killed and dozens injured in a mass shooting at an Independence Day parade in Highland Park, IL. Highland Park is a suburban city located in the southeastern part of Lake County, Illinois, about 25 miles north of … Continue reading

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The World Went Crazy A Long Time Ago by Kineton Sexby

Originally posted on The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail:
I was sent an ARC of this novel by new comer author, Kineton Sexby. It’s well written and researched. It’s a fictional, rather parody novel of world history. Some…

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