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Medical Gaslighting-It’s finally admitted that the discriminating medical practice indeed exist.

Medical gaslighting Although the term Medical Gaslighting is relatively new, the practice is very old, especially among African Americans. When dealing with the medical community African Americans recieve the least and worst medical care. This practice accounts for one of … Continue reading

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We Lost Two Icons In One Day: Pelé and Vivienne Westwood.

Edson Arantes do Nascimento By soccer isn’t a major sport in the USA, Pele was the only player I knew of. Pelé was born Edson Arantes do Nascimento on 23 October 1940, in Três Corações, Minas Gerais, Brazil, the son … Continue reading

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Storm Killed 28 People in Buffalo, New York

All day Friday and Saturday it felt and sounded like Heil and her crew had visited. 28 people were killed in this storm that ravaged Buffalo, New York. Some were found in their homes, cars, and on the streets frozen … Continue reading

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The Worst Of The Storm Passed Us By.

We were lucky this go round. The worst of the storm passed us by. But I’m not letting myself get too preppy—winter is just beginning. WHEW!

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Merry Christmas Everyone and stay safe.

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Expecting A Monster Snow Storm.

It seems as though we won’t have to dream of a White Christmas, it will our reality. It has already hit some places. And if you are affected, stay safe. Everyone’s concerned about my friend, I checked on her, stocked … Continue reading

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Welcome Newcomers

Originally posted on The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail:
Welcome newcomers. Don’t be a stranger. We want to hear from you.

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Winter Solistice The Longest Day Of The Year

Thanks for asking if I had a book about Winter Solistice . Knowing me so well, you know I do. 🙂 Winter Solistice is said to be the day when day and night share equal number of hours. Some call … Continue reading

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#1 Reason For Homelessness. Constantly Raising The Rent

In the last forty-five years studies have shown it’s not the lack of job, or the tenants unwillingness to pay that cause homelessness. It’s the constant rising of rent. Rent has has been rising faster than salary for the last … Continue reading

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