Three Years Later. How many January 6th Offenders are in Jail?

Three Years Later. How many January 6th Offenders are in jail?

So far, three years later, roughly only 165 of the 800+ cases brought as a result of the January 6 attack have been fully adjudicated, with a total of 65 defendants receiving sentences to either jail or prison terms.

Another 50 have been sentenced to home detention. Most of these cases are only given light sentences. While Black people get twenty years prison sentences for stealing food from Walmart to feed their family.

Had these insurgents been Black or Native Americans. They would have been shot and killed on the spot and the survivors would have long been in jail.

The CIA and FBI would’ve hunted them all down like stray dogs. And yet no one sees nothing wrong with this picture??

Man Who Dragged Officer Into Jan. 6 Mob Is Sentenced to Only 90 Months

The sentence for the defendant, Albuquerque Cosper Head, was one of the most severe penalties handed down so far in the Justice Department’s investigation of the Capitol attack.

Why is the January 6th committee reluctant to prosecute those who attacked Capitol Hill?

White Privilege is still very much alive in America.

This leniency told the whole world who to send in if they want to bring America down.

But victims of gangstalking have been talking about these people for years. Decades.

Normally I try and stay away from topic like this, not because I’m afraid. It’s because it’s difficult to discuss them in a civilized, mature manner.


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6 Responses to Three Years Later. How many January 6th Offenders are in Jail?

  1. I mentioned this subject because it jeopardize my security as an American citizen. Supposed a terrorist group decided to send in people who looks like the Jan 6th crowd. The nation would do nothing, surrender its total defense based solely on physical appearance. This is scary if you sit and think about it.

    Even if you’re White, it should still scare you that we are so blinded by race that we pick and chose who is the enemy based solely on the color of their skin. That’s beyond dumb. That’s mindbogglingly absurd.


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  3. Hadley says:

    I knew three years ago nothing was going to be done to them. You’re right. Had they been African or Native Americans they would all be dead by now.

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  4. Amanda says:

    This showed the whole wide world our vulnerabilities. Americans realize that most of the world doesn’t like us. The world doesn’t see us as white, black, red or brown Americans. All they see is you’re born in the USA and they don’t like you. Never mind you may not be as privileged as they have been led to believe you are. That doesn’t matter.

    On Fri, Jan 6, 2023 at 10:02 AM


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