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Life is fulled with Complications

via Daily Prompt: Complication We face decisions every day. Each day brings a new decision to be made. Some are good and others not so good.  The bad ones, we learn from them and move forward.  But nonetheless, life would … Continue reading

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14 Quotes to Inspire Your Writing

Here are some quotes by famous writer and you will see they started out just as you and I. 🙂 Quotes to Inspire.

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What ‘not’ to say to a disabled person.

I came across this article some time ago and thought it would be a good time to post  it. I noticed far too many people have idea how to relate to a disabled person.  All it takes is common sense. … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Anyone Take You For Granted.

I didn’t write the original article. The author is listed below. But I thought it was an interesting and very true post. But I think this mentally starts in early childhood. The child who is labeled the good child will … Continue reading

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Authors, reach out to the world.

I suggest reaching out to the world, beyond your borders and you will be surprised at how many readers you will find interested in your work. Serious readers who aren’t so much into a pretty picture but who are mostly … Continue reading

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How to write an epic character.

I didn’t come up with this list. It was sent to me. But I’m adding my points to it. I agree an epic character doesn’t need to be a Hobbit or any other type of fantasy creature.  This is a … Continue reading

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Don’t follow the crowd! Don’t be a sheep.

via WILD WOLF I didn’t write this post but it has solid information. It’s an article about “ Don’t follow the crowd! Don’t be a sheep. Be a lone wolf.” Sometimes it’s so tempting to do just that but I … Continue reading

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I Stop Somewhere ~ T.E. Carter

reblogged ~ this book is in my list to read. I haven’t read it yet but plans to read it. I think the blogger hit this one on target as to why such books exist.

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Labeled an INFJ

Labeled an INFJ Many years ago I was told I’m an INFJ. I looked it up for I had heard of it but never really fully researched what INFJs are. During the outlining of the series I did research on … Continue reading

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