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846 Reviews and Comments to King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior

I’m thankful to everyone for making this book the most popular one I have written. For those of you who has been asking me about the The Second Book of the Draconian Quadrilogy, this is a poster cover. Nothing is … Continue reading

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Tailgater Invited To Pass. Riding Someone’s Bumper Doesn’t Make People Go Faster. It Make You Look Like An Idiot.

The drivers around here are always so impatient when I don’t see why considering the small populace and thin traffic. Yesterday, a man decided he was going to tailgate me on a decline for a half a mile. I blinked … Continue reading

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Road Rage. Man runs over woman twice with his SUV. A New Jersey man was accused of attempted murder Wednesday after he allegedly plowed into a fleeing woman in an apparent road rage attack that unfolded in a suburban front yard. All she did was asked for his insurance … Continue reading

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Gilbert Gottfried-The legendary comedian died Tuesday, April 12, at the age of 67

I will admit I laughed at some of his foolishness and corrected myself later for laughing. I laughed when I had no intention of laughing at his terrible, terrible joke. I had to remind myself he was an adult comedian. … Continue reading

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Saint Patrick’s Witticism -Get these snake offa my plains.

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The Immortal Lover (The First Book of the UnHoly Pursuit Sequels): Revised Kindle Edition

The Immortal Lover (The First Book of the UnHoly Pursuit Sequels): Revised by A. White No, this is not the same book as It has parts that was omitted from the first edition. Destiny Bridwell4.0 out of 5 stars … Continue reading

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Bea’s Thanksgiving- HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Thanksgiving Day is the next big Holiday on the scene, then comes Black Friday. The day shoppers, world-wide go crazy. We won’t be caught in the harrowing experience because my mom and I are broke.We live in poverty.Poor folks on … Continue reading

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~I NEED Your Help~Please Vote for “Bea’s Thanksgiving : The Adventures of Bea Book 2 Volume 1 (The Adventures of Bea)” in a book cover contest. Hooray! It made it to through the rigid test to be selected to be included in the contest.

First of all, I would like to thanks those of you who helped me out last month. We didn’t make it to the second round but that’s all right. We made it on the map. This month the book is … Continue reading

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Author’s Safety?? Is It A Publisher’s Priority? Today, I Got My First Piece Of Author’ s Hate Mail.

Author’s Safety. I Got My First Piece Of Author’ s Hate Mail Today. I received my first piece of author’ s hate mail today. I guess I have finally, fully arrived as a writer. I got it from someone who … Continue reading

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