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Quote from the book “August Rain”


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The Slave Prince by Jeyna Grace

I read this one. It’s very interesting. It’s a retelling of an ancient story. The story of Moses.

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Aretha Franklin “The Queen of Soul” dies at 76.

  This is truly a voice lost to the world even if you didn’t like rhythm and blues. The woman possessed a voice that was a powerhouse. No one can ever stake a claim on Aretha Franklin’s crown. Truly, she … Continue reading

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Welcome New Arrivals

Welcome New Arrival! There’s nothing like a light crisp snack on a hot summer day while lying in the shade with a glass of ice cold fruity drink I hope you’re enjoying your summer. This is a multi-topic blog. So … Continue reading

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Butchers of The Summer Solstice- Unnamed Protagonist

I started this book, “Butchers of The Summer Solstice” during my college years after seeing so many older stories where the main Protagonist had no name.  I sat down several weekends to write it thinking, “How hard can that be?” … Continue reading

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“Today, I do not have the strength to pretend I like you.” St. Agnes, the empath said.

“Today, I do not have the strength to pretend I like you.”  is a quote I came across some years ago when I was researching for the series. While reading about the saints I came across an interesting quote that’s … Continue reading

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Are you an empath?

Someone recently told me I was an empath. I’d heard that before so, this time I decided to look up. Research it in further depths. Look up older definitions of the word because meanings of words have changed down through … Continue reading

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The Mothers of Rock and Roll: Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton

We heard a lot about Elvis, Chuck Berry, and numerous other male performers from the 1940’s- 50’s I think many of these great performers made great contribution to the music. But I think those who first put it on the … Continue reading

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