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The Tree

The Tree is a story of the diabolical sins of the past reaching into the future, supernaturally and threatening those of the present day. Some evil refuses to die.                   Advertisements

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Armistice Day- November 11, 2018 mark the 100th Anniversary of WWI

To coincide with Veterans Day, Somme American Cemetery in France will host a ceremony on November 11, 2018  to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of World War I. But sadly, the world turned around and did the same … Continue reading

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Another Erratic Week

This past week has been another very erratic one. It has been a long week of despair, hate, cruelty, and just plain sadness. I don’t have all the words to explain all the horror of it of the Yoga studio … Continue reading

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Bea’s Thanksgiving ~Bea is back! Fearless as ever.

Bea’s Thanksgiving ~Bea is back! That’s right Bea’s fans. She’s back with her little foul mouth and all. She’s back as fearless as ever. But she will stop long enough to get belly full of delicious dinner.  

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Is there extreme ageism in writing?

Once while at a writing seminar I heard a pretty well-known published author say do not write a mature woman or agent or publishing company won’t take you on. Do not write your main female protagonist older than 25. If … Continue reading

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Please Vote on King Eochaidh The Horse Warrior. It was created from the needlework done of an actual medieval battle scene.

The publisher’s marketing department informed me they entered the book cover of King Eochaidh The Horse Warrior in a book cover contest. I would appreciate it very much if each of you cast your vote. It was created from an … Continue reading

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Quote from “Girl Child In The UnPromised Land.”

I intend to get a copy of this book when it’s published. One chapter made me think long and hard. Rachel Hightower talked about the deadly climate of America today. She traced it all back to how this country was … Continue reading

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Ace: King of the Ice World.

This Series will start next year.  In 2019. I can’t tell you all what it’s about but the title gives you a pretty good idea.    

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All Saints Day includes all of them.

During my research of the saints before writing this series I found that predating the Catholic Church ideological concept being sealed in the mind of what a saint should be or look like. I found there were many different kinds. … Continue reading

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