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Butchers of The Summer Solstice- Unnamed Protagonist

I thought about this story Saturday when I realized it was Summer Solstice. I started this book, “Butchers of The Summer Solstice” during my college years after seeing so many older stories where the main Protagonist had no name.  I … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Quote

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Writing a series teach consistency.

Writing a series teach consistency. Which is a good thing in writing. Be consistent with your character. I say this because I have read some stories where consistency was lost in the transition. In writing a series the author make … Continue reading

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J. Canadace’s Goodread Review of The Devil on My Trail This review was written years ago but I’m just now listing it for blog members. I thought it would be a great book to tackle before the full swing of summer arrive. Dec 26, 2016J. Canadace rated it it … Continue reading

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Traveling in The Spirit or Astral Travel or Time Travel

The ability to move from one place to another or being in one or more places at once is called bi-locating. I didn’t write the article below. I am including a link where the article came from but this is … Continue reading

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Pessimistic Or Realistic ???

Are you a pessimistic or a realistic person.   A pessimistic person  is one who sees negativity in every situation. Pessimism is a negative or depressive mental attitude in which an undesirable outcome is anticipated from a given situation. Whether that … Continue reading

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10 Description Mistakes Writers Should Avoid At All Costs

Writing Tips

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Creepy Hospital Wheelchair Moves On Its Own

Some may say leverage or an uneven floor caused the chair to roll from among the other wheelchairs and steer itself out the door and down a ramp but the thing is…the chair if empty.

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Did the name Brittany, Britain and other Celtic lands renamed, comes from Britannicus, the son of Claudius?

Britannicus Tiberius Claudius Caesar Britannicus, usually called Britannicus, was the son of Roman emperor Claudius and his third wife Valeria Messalina. Wikipedia Born: February 12, 41 AD, Rome, Italy Died: February 11, 55 AD, Rome, ItalyHouse: Julio-Claudian dynastyParents: Claudius, MessalinaSiblings: … Continue reading

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