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It may not be time for your book (s) to shine.

We all have picked up and read books that became popular when the subject matter they were written about becomes a household word. Some time we look at the publication date and see it’s much earlier than when everyone decided … Continue reading

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The execution date Friday, October 13, 1307, of the Knights Templar is where the legend of bad luck on Friday 13th comes from.

Since we are having an awful lot of Fridays falling on the 13th this year it’s intriguing to look back on where the legend may have come from. Some say it did and some say it didn’t. But I’m sure … Continue reading

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Where the Legend of Friday 13th Came from?

via The execution date of the Knights Templar is where the legend of bad luck on Friday 13th comes from.

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Don’t let a fool trouble you.

Don’t let a fool trouble you and don’t let trouble fool you.~ Author unknown.

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Welcome Newcomers

 I would like to take the time out to extend the welcoming to all new comers. Welcome. We are happy to have you with us. Hope you enjoy your time with us. Feel free to drop a line on any … Continue reading

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Medusa, the misunderstood monster.

In one of the future books of the UnHoly Pursuit Medusa is mentioned. But not according to the legend. I looks at a legend to see if make sense before embarking on the task of  writing about it. The story … Continue reading

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Hypothetical Questions make great stories.

Hypothetical Questions make great stories. Most of us have no idea what we would do or say if asked a serious “Hypothetical Question” but there are plenty who automatically knows what they will do or say. The definition of a … Continue reading

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I’d never heard of the term “Grammar Nazi”

I had never heard of the term “Grammar Nazi”until I return online last year. A lot had changed in my five years of absence.  Someone sent me an article about it so, yes I researched it. LOL! I was surprised … Continue reading

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Those in the storm affected areas, I hope all are safe.

There was a giant storm system racing across the South yesterday. It expanded all the way from Missouri to Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama. I  heard things got pretty bad. But for those affected by it you have my sympathy … Continue reading

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