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Diversity Sells-‘Black Panther’ scores highest Monday ever with $40.2M

This is why every time I speak to an audience I advise diversity of characters. I can not stress enough to widen the diversity of your characters to capture a broader audience. The block bursting movies “Black Panther’ scores highest … Continue reading

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Book review of “The Tree”

As I said before I appreciates all reviews for people do not have to take the time to write them. I feel if they took the time to write them I ought to show my appreciation by posting them. I … Continue reading

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Sick House-a novel.

Sick House This story is a part of the Chronicles of Ana but in many ways it is a standalone. This is a poster not the bookcover. I don’t think a cover has been made yet for this book by … Continue reading

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Know that you are a great writer.

Some may say this sound pompous, arrogant and pretentious but actually it is not. It is not arrogant to know your worth. Because it is going to take this attitude to make it as a writer. A few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Writing is akin to preparing a meal…


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Hilariously laughing at ’em there moonshiners.

I had a hilarious laugh when someone called the matter to my attention that the word “MOONSHINE” was in my blurb of “The Tree.” No, there was no illegal liquor stills in young Ana’s room. Moonshine is an old way … Continue reading

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The Wild Mardis Gras

In the gulf area of the south Mardis Gras and  Fat Tuesday (which as a kid, I thought was the day everyone mysteriously became fat on this particular odd Tuesday. Don’t worry, by age five I was corrected by my grandparents) … Continue reading

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Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations

Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations: Things That Go Bump In The Night.   Some one pointed out to me an interesting subject and asked did young Ana suffers from it in “The Tree“ I am positive she didn’t for I never heard … Continue reading

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Prison of the released (Dystopian trilogy): Freedom Pill

I started reading this book about a week ago. It’s pretty good.  

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