Gun Violence Leaves Many Lives Shattered.

I know the subject has been talked about over and over and perhaps many are tired of talking about it and want actions. I know I do. But if you have never had it to hit home then you have no idea how devastating it can be. Children are often left with a parent(s). Spouses are left without a mate. Parents are left without their child(ren). Siblings are left without a brother or sister and so on.

Recently someone I know very well suffered a death in their family due to the wrong person having access to a gun.

Below is the link to the site which collects the names of many or at least all they can find whose life was cut short by senseless violence. Please take the time out and light a candle for as many of these families as you can. It cost nothing but your time.

I am aware gun violence is widely viewed as a crime affecting only poor and deprived neighborhoods but really it doesn’t matter what neighborhood one lives in. It can happen anywhere.

I was just reading a story where an eight year old boy in Ohio shot his little sister. Thanks God, the four year old lived. But from the sheer number we have lost so far this years is far too many people to lose when the year is only three months old.  From the vast number of faces on this site it seems we only hear about the mass shooting but for every mass shooting there are hundred more that escape national attention.

Every historian will tell you that constant violence destroys a nation from within. In many cases, it has been observed from analyzing history, wars have broken out among clans and tribes and spread to the rest of the nation. I pray that never happens but if it has happened in other parts of the world there’s nothing to prevent it from happening here.



Gun Violence Memorial Site

valentine hearts rose red



Victims of Gun Violence Site

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The Fairy Tree Troll- Free ebook

For those interested and missed the Christmas Giveaway  you can sign up for a ebook free copy of:

The Fairy Tree Troll: The First Sequel Book of the Gathering Series (The Gathering of the Warriors 1)



Actually this is a prequel book to “The Gathering of the Warriors.”


And those of you who asked about a paper book it will be available shortly.



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The Helavite War (The Star Traveler Series Book 1) Free Book.

Space cadets and sci-fi lover here is a free book for you by Theresa Snyder. I am presently reading it.


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The Farloft Chronicles: Collection No. 1 – Vols. 1-3 (Volume 1)

Here is the first book in the series.



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The Farloft Chronicles: Collection No. 2 – Vol. 4-6 (Volume 2)

Hi, fairy tale readers and  dragon lovers. I was introduced to a series about dragons. I haven’t read it yet but it seems very interesting.

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5 Ways To Increase Conflict in a story

We all agree a novel is not a novel without some form of conflict or affliction the characters are to face, overcome or defeat. I find en route of another article I was reading. I agree with the author of this article when she said, “Readers aren’t interested in happy people leading content lives. Readers read for drama.”

I can not see a way around this one when I’m writing about Azazel. He hits below the belt, in the face or anywhere possible. His very name means “I hits below the belt” LOL! Yes, the picture above is what he is like when Ana isn’t around to tell him to “Stop it!”

#4 Don’t Hit Below the Belt:
Why do we hurt the one’s we love? Because we can.  We know the hot buttons. We know what will rile them up.  Fighting dirty always increases conflict.

  • What do your characters know about each other? How can that be dragged into the current fight?
  • Look at your manuscript and make notes where the characters can have an “oh no you didn’t” moment.


5 ways to create conflicts

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Word Count for Novels and Children’s Books.

Word counts are important more so in later books than in older books. From things like “The Divine Comedy” I don’t Dante was counting the words. modern publishers goes by word counts when selecting a manuscript for publication. But I find it depends upon the genre you are writing in determines the word count. Sci-fi and fantasy are very difficult to write short of 70,000 especially if creating imaginary world and describing it to the public. You have to describe many small details about the character and their world. If not it leaves the reader with an unclear picture of what you are saying.

The link leads to an interesting chart of word counts by genres. Some genres seemed to have a lower word count than others.

Word counts according to genre.



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Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming

Despite all the information on the internet most author will tell you unless the subject is very common the information on it is very limited and the only place to find what you are looking for is the library. The internet is the basic of a subject not an in-depth research of a subject.

Neil Gaiman say too often adults determine what children could read based upon their own preference which may or may not be your child’s taste.  Some say it’s up to the parent to select their children reading material. I believe it depends upon the age and maturity of the child. I don’t believe in presenting an eight or nine year old the same book you presented them at age three or four.

Libraries are important

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Let the Little Girls Fly


Children are born with great potentials.
Children are born with love, goodness, and trust.
Children are born with many ideals and dreams.
Children are born be great.
Children are born with wings.
They aren’t meant to crawl for long.
They are meant for soaring.
Yes, little girls have wings.
So we need to learn to not clip them and let them fly.



This poem was written in honor of Women History Month. ~ A. White

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