Facts about Henry the VIII-Top 10 Heads That Rolled During His Reign.

Top 10 Heads That Rolled During the Reign of Henry VIII


Most people had no idea so many died under his reign.  I certainly didn’t.  I am not sure if I read it correctly but according to this page with the link provided over 72,000 people died. Wow! That’s a lot of people. What was he doing? Killing someone every single day? I was aware of some of the famous ones like Thomas Cromwell, John Beck, Anne Boelyn,  Kate Howard, and Thomas Moore. Yes, he killed the author of “Utopia”

Later history states that Jane Seymour died but earlier history states she was executed. I guess history changed too to suit whomever rewriting it.

Well, if this information is correct he killed anyone who peeved him off and for the infantile reasons. That included wives, in-laws, relatives, advisors, nuns, priests and I image it included milk maids and pages too. Nowadays we have a name for such people. It’s homicidal psychopath.

Victims of Henry the 8th

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The Immortal Lover at 50% off.

Some of you mentioned you missed the sale in March on this book, so I’m offering the over 800 pages again for 50% off.


The Immortal Lover

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Why is Happiness so important?

          British philosopher John Locke accurately defines goodness as that which creates happiness, and evil as that which creates unhappiness. The thing is….happiness means different things to different people, so it can be difficult to clearly state why some things make some people happy and others it do not.  But being happy is so important that there are clear constellations between happiness and a person general over all well-being.

With happiness being so important we wonder why it eludes so many? Unhappiness is found in a much higher percentage in developed nations than in less developed nations where there’s no crippling poverty rate, political turmoils, and other elements to interfere with the basic necessities of life. I am not implying those living in distressful poverty are happy because they are not. Physical comfort is a universal need in order to be happy.

Some may say there are far more significant things to worry about in highly developed nations than in lesser developed nations. That’s true. Therefore carefully chose your battles in which things are important and which you can live without.

Gender and other factors also plays a role in happiness in where one lives. Nations where women and minorities have little status or restricted status suffers a much higher percentage of unhappiness than nations that have a well-balanced status of its citizens. They have less depressions and less work days loss due to illness.  We have all heard the phrase; “Don’t worry be happy.” But realistically, this isn’t optional for everyone, everywhere or the world would be a perfect place.

Humans are social beings and rely on each other for contributions to our social and mental health. Isolated people are far less happy than those around others they enjoy and suffers far more health ailments. That’s why it is important to surround yourself with encouraging, uplifting people. This doesn’t mean people who are afraid to point out a fault and encourage you to do your best. This mean avoiding people who are negative and their sole goal is to tear down your esteem. Some aren’t aware they are doing it, they have been negative so long it comes naturally to them.


1- Feel Good

Happiness is fun and it feels good. That is a worthwhile reason why happiness is important all by itself.

2- Live Longer

Many studies have shown that happy people live longer. One study followed nuns who wrote a short biographical sketch before taking their vows. At the age of 85, 90% of the nuns with cheerful biographies (top 25%) was still alive, compared to just 54% of the least cheerful. At 94 years of age, 54% of the most cheerful quarter were alive compared to only 11% of the least cheerful. Many other studies have shown similar results. I know that most people have far more stress in their lives than nuns but we can eliminate that by eliminating things and even people in our lives who makes us unhappy. Because in short, unhappiness and depression kills.

3- Have Better Health


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Another reason why happiness is important is that the link between stress and illness is very well known and well documented, as is the reverse. Happy, positive feelings change the chemical make up of our bodies, producing chemicals that enhance immunity, cell repair, and building strength. Happiness is the opposite of stress. See the article, Three Research Findings on the Link Between Happiness and Health, for more ways being happy is good for your health.

4- Bounce Back Faster

Happiness and optimism go together. Optimistic people see bad things as temporary and good things as permanent. Their positive expectation of good things helps them see and act on options and opportunities faster. There is a saying, you get what you look for. Optimists look for opportunities for a good outcome. Again, I’m not talking about extremely devastating situations. I’m speaking moderate situations. This mode of thinking can not be applied to every single incident in life. For example: It far easier to bounce back from losing a job or material things than to bounce back from losing a loved one.


5- Are More Likely to Be Romantically Involved

Happy people are more likely to be romantically involved. Study after study shows that happy people are more likely to be married, romantically involved and have multiple close friendships. Scientists have struggled with whether being happy makes you more attractive or more likely to get married or getting married makes you happier. It seems both may be true. Happier people are more attractive and being happier makes you more likely to be attracted to someone else. Happy people smile more and have more confident in themselves.


6- Solve Problems Better and Faster

Many studies have shown that people who are in a positive or happy mood solve problems better and faster. Their solutions are more inventive and they concentrate better. Happiness also improves people’s ability to learn and remember things. Better problem solving is another reason why happiness is important.


7- Look for the Win-Win

Scientists theorize that our positive emotions, like happiness, serve an evolutionary purpose. Where negative emotions spur us to fight or flight by generating chemicals in our bodies, positive emotions spur us to learn, explore and grow the same way. In short, positive emotions create a completely different way of thinking in our bodies.


8- Are Not Violent

When you hear about the last few days of a killer’s life people they never say, he seemed so happy. A few have been said to show happiness but that was a sign they were seriously deranged. Happy people want to make love more than they want to make war. They are less argumentative. The physiological state caused by happiness helps happy people see the win-win solutions and be drawn to avoid conflict.


9- Are More Likely to Help Others

There is a strong link between feeling good and doing good. Not only does doing good help us feel good, but studies have shown that happy people are more willing to share their good fortune to help others than unhappy people. Happy people make the world a better place.

10- Are Blessed

Our final reason why happiness is important come from studies that show happy people are luckier. When in truth it has nothing to do with random luck. Luck doesn’t exist. All things are set in motion by something. The factors that contribute to this is first, of all happy people are optimistic. Then tend to see opportunity more frequently and they are more likely to make lemonade when life gives them lemons.

Perhaps less obvious is the link between happiness and virtue. Almost every culture and religion respects happiness or the behaviors that happy people exhibit. In an extensive study of all the worlds religions, the VIA Inventory of Virtues and Strengths , found six core virtues common to all major religions and cultures.

They are:
Wisdom and Knowledge
Love and Humanity
Spirituality and Transcendence


Exercising any one of these virtues usually causes happiness either mindfully or through flow. When we respect and admire someone, as we do with people who are good, we unconsciously give them breaks and the benefit of the doubt. So happy people are often respected for their virtue and they are more likely to find good outcomes when bad things happen. Truly, happy people are blessed.

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Happy Independence Day!

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1 Corinthians 13:1-“The same applies to writing.

1 Corinthians 13:1



If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.

Some years ago, a published author in my general area referred this verse to me. I never thought of the Bible as a portrayal to describe writing.

She said, “The same applies to writing. Even if you have the most well composed work, perfect grammar and punctuation but have no emotions. Then your work is empty. If you haven’t allowed your soul to spill upon the page then you have nothing. Emotions are what move people to read your work and remembers it. The most remembered works are those which stirs people emotions.”


She later explains that when someone read your work years later they will look for the emotions that can speak to them across time. They want to hear you speaking to them. Your work will live on far beyond your years and propel your existence into immortality.


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An ancient love story. Arabic Literature: The Immortal Love Story of Qays and Layla

Qays and Layla

An ancient love story much like Romeo and Juliet but much older. Perhaps many of you already know the story.

 The Immortal Love Story of Qays and Layla


Qyas and Layla is an immortal love story that has been living for over a thousand years. It is one of the greatest love stories  ever and one of the best pieces of Arabic literature.

It was first originated in the 5th century and was later adopted by the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi. Many imitations of Nizami’s work sprung into life including Amir Khusrow Dehlavi’s Majnun o Leyli (completed in 1299). After the appearance of Nizami’s work, the popularity of romance stories increased rapidly in a fashion that wasn’t seen before. From the 12th century onwards people were so interested in themes and mystical concepts such as self-sacrifice and love-madness.

The story itself talks about Layla and Qays Ibn al-Mulawwah. Qays fell in love with Layla and began composing poems expressing his love for her and mentioning her name often. His over the top efforts to woo her made some of the locals call him Majnun (meaning madman or crazy in English). When he asked for her hand in marriage, her father refused because it would be a scandal to marry person referred to as mad and crazy. Later Layla was married to another noble and rich man who comes from a well-respected family whose name was Ward Althaqafi. He was called Ward by the Arabs; Ward means “rose” in Arabic. In most versions Layla dies from being heartbroken and separated from her lover and Qays goes to live in the wilderness. He had carved three verses of poetry on a rock near the grave, before he later died too near her grave.

The story of Layla and Majnun influenced a lot of other love stories whether they lesser known ones or masterpiece. Among the most famous works of literature inspired by Layla and Majnun is the German love story “Tristan und Isolde”, the French “Aucassin et Nicolette” and finally Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. The story of Layla and Majnun is one that has greatly influenced the genre of romance and increased its popularity.

The story of Layla and Majnun is an eternal and a tragic one that lived through the ages, traveled throughout the world, entered many cultures and influenced a lot of them.

During the days of arranged marriages romantic love isn’t a factor for a union. It may blossom later or may never. That’s  why romance was a big issue.


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For limited time only over 800 page book is only .99

For a limited only, this over 800 page book is only .99. It’s for the kindle book. Not the paper book. I highly recommend it for anyone who plan to follow this series. This is the foundation book for the entire series. You won’t meet all the characters in this book but all the main ones you will meet them.



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Previews of “The Immortal Lover” and “The Immortal Lover: Worlds Unknown.”

The Immortal Lover
The Immortal Lover


The Immortal Lover- Worlds Unknown
Immortal Lover: Worlds Unknown


A001-The Imortal Lover-resized-2

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Is the Internet giving us all ADHD?

This subject on The Washington Post was brought to mind by a psychologist who had noticed that people do a lot of skimming on the internet instead of indepth, comprehensive and thorough reading. She said it was causing many otherwise intelligent students to fail written exams because studying requires indepth reading. You can’t study for the SAT skimming the material. You can’t study for a medical license or Bar exam skimming the materials. It’s going to take comprehensive and thorough reading to pass these exams.

I won’t deny sometimes I find myself skimming but not if it’s an article I am truly interested in reading and wants to learn from it I feel it’s a waste of my time to skim. I might miss something I visited the site to learn if I skim. I find skimming only works for me if  I’m  already somewhat knowledgeable about the subject but if it’s something I have never heard of or read about, it’s best to take the time out and actually read it.


In my own humble opinion, I don’t think it’s giving us ADHD. The reason I say that because when people ask for a copy of my books they always ask where to buy a paper book. I haven’t had anyone yet to ask where to buy an E-book. Maybe it’s just my genre or subject matter. Or perhaps due to most of my readers are mature people. I don’t know.



Is the Internet giving us all ADHD?



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