A. White’s – Magazine’s Author Interview.

This is my sixth interview as an author.  The first one was conducted by a local book store so I don’t have a written record of that one but four of the others can be found online. 

A. White’s Interview


The Immortal Lover Facebook

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The Immortal Lover at 50% off.

Some of you mentioned you missed the sale in March on this book, so I’m offering the over 800 pages again for 50% off.


The Immortal Lover

Promotional price: $2.00
Coupon Code: RH27N
Expires: May 31, 2017
Description: Hurry! Offer ends May 31, 2017

Public: Yes

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Childe Rolande to the Dark Tower Cometh.

This is perhaps one of the first story I’ve ever written. I based the book upon, not the work of Robert Browning, Stephen King , the knight of Charlemagne named Rolande, nor The Waste Land a poem by T. S. Eliot. Although, I greatly admire each of these authors. They are some of my favorites.  (Well, the knight of Charlemagne was not an author.)

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to read the original epic. The original epic is nothing like that which we read in later years. In my book I tried to follow the original epic as closely as possible.

The original story, no one is sure how old is. It sounds more like the Epic of Gilgamesh and The Voyages of Captain Sinbad but in many ways it is totally different from each of these. It’s believed the original story perhaps was written in cuneiform.  The description given of these people fits no known group of people I’m aware of and I have managed to meet someone from just about every nook of the global.

The original story tells about the people migrating to an area called Gilead from the Tower of Babel after God scrambled the languages.  Even the landscape is described as vastly different from what we know it as today. They didn’t describe it as hot and arid as we know it today.  It’s described as plush, fertile land that was a balm to the weary travelers looking for a homeland away from their warring, crazy relatives. I assumed it was sometime during the last Ice Age from the author talks about some areas being snow covered and others were not.

No, the original Rolande of Gilead was not a Viking, Northman, Druid, nor a medieval knight, nor a gunslinger. The original one is where all these other accounts came from. This history far predates the finding of Norway or perhaps any nation as we know it today. 

It must had been a very long time ago if people were living as long 400-700 years back then and they called a twenty five year old a ‘childe‘. Well, I guess if you’re 500 years old a 25 year is a child to you.

But get this…after writing my book. I was curious as to how much the old book was worth so I researched it. I later learned the original translation is worth over 6- 25 million dollars.  Yes, I nearly fell out the chair when I realized the person trusted me; my clumsy 12 year old hands with a very valuable treasure. I had known the lady all my life and by I loved to read as a child she brought it over and told me to be very careful with it. It took the help of my parents to help me read it because so much written in gibberish to me but truthfully it was Greek.  Parts were written in Latin. The English part was written without vowels so you can imagine how difficult that must have been. 

So the book was written from the notes taken long ago. The only other place I have been able to find another copy is at a national library in Sweden and you have to get so much clearance in order to read it that you probably would feel you were applying for a government job.








2nd Ebook Cover

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Free, short read of “King Eochaidh”

Oh,   I nearly forget. For those of you who haven’t seen it. In a reply to to someone I posted a short read of King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior on the post. It’s located in the middle of the post.


Amazon’s read of King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior

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The Ghosts of an Old House

This is perhaps the next book to release. It’s part of  “The Chronicles of Ana.”


The Ghost of the Old House-book cover-grey border-ebook


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Looking for God in Messy Places.

I didn’t write this message or post but those it was a very resounding one to share.


“Life is messy. And you’ll find God right in the middle of it. That’s the Jesus message.” Jake Owensby, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana, explores peace, reconciliation, and justice through the lens of his faith.

via Looking for God in Messy Places — Discover

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Writer’s Perks

I didn’t know there were perks to being a writer until “UnHoly Pursuit: The Devil on My Trail” hit the markets last December. I had started to noticed who had read it, who had had it read to them, and who had heard about it but hadn’t read it from people’s facial expressions.

I had started to noticed little things like allowing me to cut in line at the store. The first time some one did this. I wasn’t sure if they were talking to me so I looked behind to see who were they talking to but no one was behind me.

Little perks like receiving extra and complimentary dishes in restaurants might startle you at first. The first time a waitress brought me a chocolate souffle I hadn’t ordered I politely informed her that I didn’t order it. She smiled and said, “It was a compliment of the chef.” Actually, I had no idea who the chef was. LOL!

I went to the kitchen and thanked her after dinner.  She appreciated I used her occupation as one of the main character’s many occupations.

Things like I’m not asked for the exact change when making a purchase. Let’s say I’m a few cents off. Normally, I had to scour the bottom of my purse to find the change but lately some clerks has been dismissing the few cents off. This was taking some getting used to.

One day I  had gone to the Post Office to mail off a package. The postal clerk didn’t like it very much that others let me cut in front of them. My being cute and a writer didn’t impress her. That was ok. I didn’t mind the wait. I wish mechanics knew that so they wouldn’t still charge me a zillion bucks to fix a simple problem.

I had to laugh when some one picked up a T-shirt in a department store the other day that read: “Watch it! Or you will end up dying  horribly in my next novel.”  I laughed because that never crossed my mind.

So those of you are thinking of quitting. Yes, it is a long hard road but don’t let things discourage you. Just keep writing for the little perks if nothing else. It means that someone is reading your writings. If only one person reads it that’s better than it gathering dust in your closet. 🙂



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Fans helped me out today.

   I am not exactly an introvert. I just don’t talk about myself very much. I figured my fans would rather read about the books and the character rather than read about me. I don’t talk very much about myself mostly because I’m a very private person.

But occasionally I gives the public a peek into my private world.   ♠

I had gone grocery shopping (yes, the day after Mother’s Day everything returns to normal.) and I usually buy in large bundles so I won’t have to make the trip again anytime soon. I will admit I had purchased some pretty heavy items and was wondering how were I going to get them in the trunk and further wondered how were I going to get them indoors.?

   But was a little surprised when a fan offered to help me load the car at the store and when I got home another passing helped me loaded them inside.  Yes, in the process we chatted about one or more of the books. I didn’t mind. I was grateful for their help. So there are some nice people left in the world. I met two today of them today.

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Words of Wisdom from My Mother.

My mother was a shoot from the hips kind of person. She wasn’t cruel or mean. But was always straight forward. These are some of the things my mom used to say when I was growing up:

  • Never try to live up to anyone else standards of you. For they are going to place the bar impossible high.  Higher than they hold it for themselves.  In attempting this you are bind to fail. Live up to your own standards of  yourself and then you will know what’s expected of you.
  • Let no one make  or cause you feel bad about yourself nor make you ashamed of who you are because regardless of their self-appraisal they aren’t any better than you.
  • People talked about Jesus and he was the son of God they certainly are going to talk about you and anyone who believes them isn’t a loss as a friend. They were never one from the beginning. Don’t waste valuable time to listening to them.
  • Let no one tell you what you can and can’t do. You know your limits. Even if you make a mess the first time. Try again and again until you get it right.
  • True compassion is learned through suffering. Those who have never suffered rarely have any.  You’re wasting your time trying to instill any in them. They will have to learn it just as everyone else.
  • It never hurts to help someone but be wise enough to know when someone is taking you for granted.
  • Mean people get far in high school but that’s about as far as they go. They’ve never learned how to effectively communicate with others. Nor how to be productive citizens of the world.
  • Narcissistic people are like a Fabergé egg, beautiful but hollow on the inside and brittle and fragile on the outside.
  • Be thankful for your blessings no matter how small and insignificant they may seems.
  • It doesn’t hurt to say a kind greeting to all you meet. It doesn’t matter if they returns one. Keeping moving. It’s their loss in never getting to know you.
  • Instead of always looking for criticism; try looking for something positive.  Criticism is cheap and very easy to find. Praise is not,  you should be stranded on a deserted island with a bunch of chimps and birds as your sole companions and one of them is sooner or later going to point out what you’re doing wrong.
  • No one is ever going to give you permission to be yourself. That’s a liberty one must take for themselves and be brave enough to withstand the consequences.
  • Be kind to others and someone will be kind to you.
  • Before self diagnosing yourself as suffering from low self-esteem or depression, evaluate your situation and be sure you aren’t simply surrounded by negative people.
  • Never try to figure out why someone do not like, just make sure that you likes you. Whatever their reasons maybe it is their problem, not yours. So do not claim it as yours.
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