Hugues de Payens-Founder of the Knights Templar

No, your eyes haven’t deceived you. The man is of African origin. Not much is known about him but he’s believed to a northern African. His assumed name was De Payens means ‘from beyond the sea‘ in Medieval French. No one knows his real name and sadly it was stricken from history after the persecution of his order. The Knight Templar.

I discovered this astonishing bit of lost history when researching for a historical fiction novel based upon the Knights Templar who were also called the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ.  Their code of honor was based upon those called the Nazarene Warrior Saints. Allegedly, that’s who trained them in the mastery of the sword as to why they couldn’t fight for the Pope or a king. One of the most famous kings of the Middle Ages was a Knight Templar. Richard the Lionheart.

If you look at what they were doing during a time when it was dangerous to defend the common man you can easily see why so many rulers want to get rid of them. They sat up schools, hospitals, banks to assist the poor. Questioned the legality of the merchant’s rule.  They were  enlightening and helping the common people.

There are several recorded cases of their local chapter preventing a mass witch burning, forcing people to clean up the streets to prevent the spread of diseases. They  were known for  looking for scientific, medical reasons and causes for illnesses not superstitions.

They were greatly criticized for educating girls and even saying there’s nothing wrong with women biological make-up and there’s nothing wrong with women enjoying sex within her marriage and that extramarital sex was wrong for both genders.

No one could out fence them so their ruling that the person was innocent or deserved justice was the final verdict.

Some may asked if they couldn’t be beat how were they captured? Their families were kidnapped and held hostage.

Considering how famous they were among the common people it was hard to touch them without very serious charges.  So it’s not hard to see why so the kings and noblemen of Portugal, Spain, England, France, Germany and beyond wanted them gone.

As Grand Master, Hugues de Payens led the Order for almost twenty years until his death, helping to establish the Order’s foundations as an important and influential military and financial institution. He established one of the first banks that loan to the common man. On his visit to England and Scotland in 1128, he raised men and money for the Order, and also founded their first House in London and another near Edinburgh at Balantrodoch, now known as Temple, Midlothian. The Latin Rule laying down the way of life of the Order, attributed to Hugues de Payens and Bernard of Clairvaux, was confirmed in 1129 at the Council of Troyes over which Pope Honorius II presided.

This is the Wikipedia definition. I found another accord about the confirmation of 1129 having nothing to do with a Pope. According to the one I found the Pope refused to sanctify the order at first because they couldn’t be soldiers of the Pope.

The Pope involvement sound more like something added later after they became famous. I simply can’t see a Pope blessing an organization which is telling you, you’re going to hell for what you’re doing.

Hugues de Payens died, apparently in Palestine, in 1136. The circumstances and date of his death are not recorded in any chronicle, though the Templars commemorated him every year on 24 May, and it’s presumed he died of old age but no one knows for sure. The 16th century historian Marco Antonio Guarini claimed that Hugues was buried in the Church of San Giacomo at Ferrara. But again, no one knows where he’s burired. He was succeeded as Grand Master by Robert de Craon.

His order goes on to become one of the famous and noblest in human history. One which every solider wish to imitate. Their code of honor is mimicked in every movie or book about an righteous hero fighting for the good of the people. Their code of honor is used in every movie from the Jedi Knight to the Matrix. It’s even believed to be implemented in later retelling of Camelot.

It was later discovered that Founder of the Red Cross, Clara Barton belonged to the female order of the Knight Templar as to why she selected the American version of the Templar Cross as her symbol.  It’s not proven Florence Nightingale was a member of the female order also but many suspected she was.

In short, they were men belonging to the Age of Reason before their time but their teachings affect the world we live in today.

I do wish the Age of Exploration had left history alone. Like it or not, you can’t changed what has already happened because historians makes more than one copy of their records.

Hugues de Payens_(Versailles) First Grand Master of Knights Templar

While most historians agree that the Knights Templar was fully disbanded over 700 years ago by the brutal executions of its members, there are some people who believe the order went underground and remains in existence in some form to this day.

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I haven’t forgotten your posts and dearly thank you for visiting.


When I returned online I saw many  comments. I was elated. I haven’t forgotten your posts and dearly thank you for visiting. I intend to answer each of them personally. However, I’m months behind in submitting work for the publisher to analyze. Deadlines have been zooming over my head like crazy but I do intend to get to each and everyone  of you. Thank you for your patience.

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Private Matters-I guess I do owe my followers and readers an explanation for my long absence.

It’s nearing the fifth month of this year so I guess I do owe my blog followers and book readers an explanation for my long absence. I do appreciate it very much that I haven’t had to be a constant presence for you all to visit my blog, read my books, inquire of my whereabouts, or well-being. That means the world to me.  I’m deeply humbled. I hadn’t realize I’d touched so many in such short time I have been on line.

I hadn’t realize my running all over the internet bucking into other people’s business  was missed.  LOL!

As all who knows me know that I’m a very private person and authorship hasn’t changed that trait. I’m working hard on changing that trait or at least impoverishing it. I’m not the type to tell what’s going on in my private life.

I guess I’m a lot like y J. D. Salinger with the privacy thing but my publisher said I’m going to have to talk more about my personal life. I can’t just fall off the map.  Pretty much disappear from the online aspect of my authorship without saying something to the readers.  It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my readers for I do and am very sorry if I gave the indication I didn’t. A lot of days I wasn’t feeling well at all so I reminded off line.

With me it’s a cultural thing where One doesn’t talk about the problems in their life. You keep your mouth shut, plow through it and surface later down the road of life and keep going.

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Thank you all for your wonderful visits.

Due to personal reasons I haven’t been online very much in the past few months and want to humbly,  dearly thanks all of you for your visits. The tremendous spike of visits on April 21 for “The Fairy Tree Troll” and “UnHoly Pursuit The Devil on My Trail” came as a total surprise considering I haven’t been a regular online presence since December 2018.

And for those of you whom I promised a book review or stated I would read your book I haven’t forgotten my words. I intend to honor them but right now I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things as my situation allow me. I’m learning to take things easier than before. But when I submit it I will contact you. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

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The Days of the Whispering Winter

Zelda Lovett unexpectedly meets the man of her dreams. She doesn’t believe in love at first sight until she meets Patrick. From an accidental encounter, a mere brush in a crowd cafe they’re infatuated with each other. Their love blossom from a whirlwind courtship to a unity they hope to last but they both have many secrets but can their newfound love survive the turbulent waters?

The Days of the Whispering Winter is a story of love, romance and strong and the length one is willing to go for the once in a lifetime chance for true love.

The Days of the Whispering Winter-winter scene


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Meeting Sam

MEETING SAM‘ was first introduced in 2016.


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The Book “UnHoly Pursuit: The Devil on my trail” have been traveling

For those of you who are newcomers I would like to thank you for selecting the book to read.

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Happy Good Friday and Happy Blessed Easter!

I hope everyone had a Happy Good Friday and will have a Blessed Easter Sunday!

May your Easter Sunday be sunny and filled with love.


grayscale photo of the crucifix

Jesus on the Cross

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FanFiction-Dean and Sam Meet The Real Azazel-free read.

FanFiction-Dean and Sam Meet The Real Azazel.


Dean and Sam Meet The Real Azazel


An impostor can really screw up your game.

azazael -blue eyes # 32 immortal


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