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New people, welcome! We are giving away a free book. Be sure to use the code SW100 at checkout to get this book for free. This free book offer will last until July 31.. It’s part of a summer read … Continue reading

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Reader’s Question: Does the Unholy Pursuit mention heavenly warriors?

Reader’s Question: Does the Unholy Pursuit mention heavenly warriors? Thank you for your question. Yes, the series does mention heavenly warriors. A entire heavenly regiment of them are mentioned in parts of the series. They are who walking with the … Continue reading

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What does it means when one see consecutive numbers like 111, 222, 333, 444, or another one often seen is 316.

I’m sure everyone has experience this at some point in their life. Seeing consecutive numbers on things like 222, 333, or sometime four numbers like 11:11. Sometime you may glance at the clock and it’s on consecutive numbers. Numerology is … Continue reading

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Where everyday is Halloween.

In the life of Ana and Bea Wyett, everyday is Halloween and it’s after them. The picture above depict one of the many unsafe, haunted places they have had to seek shelter when there was no place else for them … Continue reading

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Signs You Are An Angel In A Human Body

I thought this was an interesting subject. I didn’t write it. The link to the original author is listed before. I don’t know exactly what you call people who bore these traits but I can see a lot of my … Continue reading

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Let the Little Girls Fly

Children are born with great potentials. Children are born with love, goodness, and trust. Children are born with many ideals and dreams. Children are born be great. Children are born with wings. They aren’t meant to crawl for long. They … Continue reading

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The Immortal Lover (revised)

As I said earlier, this version has parts left out the original for publishing size reasons. It’s my belated Valentine’s Day gift.  

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The Immortal Lover-Volume-1, Valentine’s Release.

Parts were deducted from the original, first edition to fit within the page limited allowed. They were re-inserted and made into two volumes. This is volume 1. Don’t worry. Azazel is his same self as in the first edition. It’s … Continue reading

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The Ghosts of The Old House

This book is to hopefully to be release before the end of this year. It’s part of  “The Chronicles of Ana.“ It’s like most of my stories; contains a little of everything from revenants to angels in many different forms. … Continue reading

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