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New Covid-like virus, Khosta-2, has been discovered in Russian bat may infect humans and it dodges vaccines, study finds

New Covid-like virus, Khosta-2, has been discovered in Russian bat may infect humans and it dodges vaccines, study finds. It looks like we have another round of virus coming. Monkey Pox is no longer the latest virus on the medical … Continue reading

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Oregon Hospitals Didn’t Have Shortages. So Why Were Disabled People Denied Care?

This is what disabled people has been saying for years. That they don’t receive proper medical care. They have been telling the public, that they do not get the same treatment in nothing as everyone else. But no one has … Continue reading

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The prediction of a second round of Covid-19 is on its way this Fall. Many have lost someone dear to this pandemic. And today is Fall Equinox. We all hope and pray that there’s no further loss of lives. This … Continue reading

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Old Folks Say Life Doesn’t Get Easier

  When I hear the elders talk about the past the picture above is what I envision. When I think about those who lived through the Great Depression, World II, Korean War, Poverty of 1960’s, The Civil Rights Movements, Vietnam … Continue reading

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In memoriam: US dead from covid-19

New York Times Memoriam of  those we lost. Reblog via In memoriam: US dead from covid-19

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Memorial Day, May 8th, and Covid-19

What does Covid-19, Memorial Day, and World War II have in common? Other than high casualty rate. They mark the beginning and ending of an era. How so? The way we celebrate Memorial Day nowadays begin after World War II. … Continue reading

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If It’s Big. It Happens In New York.

It seems as thus being the largest city in the world comes at a high price. And I’m not speaking of the outlandish rent. It’s seems that anything occurring on a large scale is apt to happen in New York … Continue reading

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Being The Brave and Sure

I hope everyone is safe and well during this trying time. I hope everyone is staying away from the public while this terrible virus is going around. Businesses can be regained. Another ‘you’… can not. Nope, the world can’t get … Continue reading

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