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Some things you can’t change the meaning of no matter how much you wants to. Smirk is one of those things.

I thought about this gross misuse of a human gesture because fiction imitate life. I wish authors would stop it! The next book I read where the character is smirking instead of affectionately smiling. I’m putting it down. I’ve only … Continue reading

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“Living in the Past Disorder”

We are often told to move on and forget the past. There’s a song sung to this mantra. Every New Years morning when the clock strikes 12:01, we sings “Auld Lang Syne”, but the song didn’t mean it in a sense … Continue reading

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Hope Everyone is warm and cozy during this major storm.

   Everyone here is stocking up for the long haul. We’re hit with  a Northeastern’r nearly every year.  Some years are smaller and milder than others. But this one coming our way is expected to be one of the major … Continue reading

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