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Thank everyone for visiting. I’m terribly sorry for the two weeks hiatus. Thank again. 😍

I want to thanks all of you new arrivals. Old members who visited during my absence. Thanks for the inquest of my absence. I took a brief hiatus from online for personal reasons. Again, thanks for your continual support. 😍

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Aristotle’s Quotes You May Know

I do not agree with all of them but they are fun to read.

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Try Being Yourself

This is a reblogg that I found an interesting post on being yourself. This quote caught my attention. “Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love you.”~Yusra Patni The thing about most people … Continue reading

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Real Friends Don’t Mind. Acquaintances and friends are not the same.~ by Amanda Stevens

Real Friends Don’t Mind by Amanda Stevens Sometimes one of you all post a reply to something that makes me think deeper on many things. She didn’t give it a title. I named it from the contents. For those who … Continue reading

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The Room With A View

  The story raise to the surface the heroism of humans. The basic needs of all humans. We all seeks love and acceptance. It’s the story of a lonely elderly widower who befriends a frighten little girl named Yonsita after … Continue reading

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Deep Sea High Five

I guess you needs to be extra careful when high fiving your best buddy if he or she happens to be a young humpback whale. I thought the picture was heart warming and  touching. The whale gently reaching out to … Continue reading

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Book Review -“Bea’s Halloween”

I am sharing the latest review with you all. I want to thank Ms. Destini Visser of Holland for her detailed review. It was sent to me on PDF as the others. Bea’s Halloween Book reveiw-small print       … Continue reading

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“How do you do?”

Let me tell you something. It’s ok to be bitter and unhappy sometimes. Especially if you have a justifiable reason. I know it’s popularly portrayed that one must be cheerful 24/7 to be considered a functional member of society. I … Continue reading

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