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Are You A Victim of Gaslighting??

For those of you who asked more about gaslighting I thought this article contained great information about the crime. via Are You A Victim of Gaslighting??

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Serial Misogyny: One Sister’s Story

One of you all called this book to my attention. No, I haven’t read it yet but from the prologue, I gather the gaslighter drove the woman to murder him.

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Are you being gaslighted?

   This is an update of a post written last year. Someone asked where was the rest of it? Why did I leave off the ways to identify it? I wrote some of the most ways to identify it. I … Continue reading

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Gaslighting and Gangstalking are Cousins.

To answer a private question about gaslighting. I created another post because I think this is too important to merely answer on the original post. The question is: Is it designed to kill? Gaslighting can be deadly. In most cases … Continue reading

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Are you being gaslighted?

   The subjected came to mind when someone asked me if the main character of the “Unholy Pursuit Series”  was being gaslighted? I guessed in many way she is.  Considering all the mysterious things happening to her.  But just not … Continue reading

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