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Structural or systematic racism is taking a toll on our children’s mental health

We hear a lot about the toil it takes on adults but rarely do we heard about the helpless child witnessing the adult go through it. Racism and social inequality don’t just affect adults. The article states why they have … Continue reading

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This is  a reblog that goes much deeper into the subject than my own post. I thought the author made a lot of vital points. I think the answer to this question depends upon where one lives and the resources … Continue reading

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Surviving homeless and poverty has become the new chic or cool topic on the internet!

Surviving homeless and poverty has become the new chic or cool topic on the internet! Well blow me over! Don’t get wrong! I’m elated that people are finally talking about it and not treating it as something that can rub … Continue reading

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Why buying a house today is so much harder than in 1950? And how it affected future generations.

I came across this topic when I saw how the pandemic maybe going to create a massive wave of homelessness especially among young adult, renters who lost their jobs, and young families. This predication is due to the common practice … Continue reading

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There Maybe A Homeless Camp Near You

The high cost of living, housing, food and the lack of resources has contributed to an explosion in the homeless population in small areas such as where I lives. I recently learned there are several ”homeless”camps nearby. The area is … Continue reading

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